Spy x Family | Week 1 Discussion

あ、本当だ Looks like mine is the same way too. I see numbers on like 22 and 26 and that’s it lol.


Let’s not forget 14!


Yeah, some manga are stingy (and very random…) in which pages they actually number. How I handled that when adding numbers for the Ayumu club, is I would look down at the “location” given by the digital version and subtract the number from that location to give me what I should be paying attention to.

I.e., in this case, page 26 is location 31 (in my version), so from that, I know to get the right page, I just subtract 5 from the location every time. Seems to have worked out well so far (with manga).


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Not quite the right number, but close :laughing:


I’ll have to apologize in advance when the BBC gets to 耳をすませば, which has no table of contents and no page numbers.

For Spy x Family, I’m just glad that the version I bought from Kobo, and extracted so I can read it on my computer, has proper page numbers in the file name.



What I’m hearing is, “The person who runs the club gets the burden of deciding the page numbers.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, counting from cover page isn’t a fix number. Limited time version has more inserted pages, therefore the number is different.

I don’t always look at printed page number either. Instead, I typed this in my notes (where I don’t share everything) – Bookwalker Page 28 = Manga Page 26 (-2) – then do subtraction from Bookwalker page numbers.

Nonetheless, TOC always coincides with printed page numbers (in this manga too).

I would probably count from first page of Ch.1 as number 1, then do subtraction from Bookwalker page numbers. (And negative page numbers for introduction and TOC pages, with no number 0 page?)

Kindle? Not sure how location works.

Probably worth mentioning that novel page numbers vary a lot more wildly – that I don’t bother counting anymore…


Right. The version I’m using now isn’t any of the limited time versions.

And I’m slowly going batty.
I tried counting directly from what should be page 1 after the table of contents. (Is this everyone’s page 1?)

Starting with that page as “one” I count to ten pages and I land on what the manga numbers as page 14?!



My method doesn’t always work, lol; but page 1 (by counting from printed 14) in my case is Family meeting (colored too, in my monochrome version).


I re-checked, and as it turns out, that manga actually does have single page with a page number.

On topic, some of my thoughts on the chapter so far:

Page 8

This poor guy…


Page 11

It’s okay to find it funny that the moment she brings up marriage, he breaks up with her, right?


I especially enjoyed this line as he walks away:


Page 16

I really enjoy scenes like this one:

Hopefully, the mangaka found ways to add more scenes like that over time. I’m curious whether the main character will end up being tied to one location for the series, or if he’ll manage to still travel a lot for work.

Page 19


Mario’s fallen on hard times since Bowser retired and stopped kidnapping Princess Peach.

That’s my page five.


Because this:

is page 1.

And seconding @ChristopherFritz, the first page of the first mission is Pg. 5.


I came to that realization right before I saw your post.

Do table of contents pages usually come within their own page counts? Like we start page 1 with the color, then TOC is on page 4 but it includes itself within its page count of mission 1?

Maybe I haven’t read enough books lately. I never noticed that being the case with anything else.


Not usually, manga is just a little weird sometimes, I think. :sweat_smile:


The clue here is that the chapter one title page appears before the TOC, so you know that “page 1” (which the TOC says the first chapter starts on) occurs before the TOC.

As @MrGeneric says, it can be weird.


Whew, I think I got it figured out. Thank you, everyone! Sorry to derail the thread so early.

The page numbers in the vocab list should match the printed pages now.


Now I can ask about the real questions I have (and point to accurate pages)

Page 23

What the heck are these crosswords words?! I only have a high school understanding of math lol.


You mean the answers?


Like what do the vocab words mean. Particularly 閉包性 since I couldn’t find anything without breaking it down into component kanji


Google is your friend here, if you take the 6 kanji beast and plop it right in, you get the wikipedia insert in english, it’s causal closure, the idea, that cause and effect are bound together or whatever mumbo jumbo it’s saying. 物理的領域の因果的閉包性 - Wikipedia


I prefer that 黄昏 isn’t referred to as Twilight. His codename is confirmed to be Twilight as well, in back cover, and also in anime.

End of propriety discussion

Page 15, tearing newspaper in half (Grammar?)
  • 影なき英雄
    • I am not sure how なき works, but I am plenty used to なし.
    • I have seen several grammar with し replaced by き being an older grammar. Perhaps it’s the case here?
Page 23, Anya convincing Forger (Just a small talk)

It’s an English cross word in anime, lol.

Cross word in the anime says

  • CAUSALCLOSE – Bad English for 因果的閉包性 (see that Wikipedia link in another reply)
  • Otherwise, cross word is mostly just bs.

Apparently, I cannot PrintScreen from Netflix (in Chrome) in Windows, but I can from Linux. So, I guess Netflix doesn’t like it, and it shouldn’t be done?

Page 26, Anya watching TV (Vocabulary?)

I saw that よりによって can mean (why this) of all things, but I am not exactly sure…

Page 28 (Small talk)

Anya hates carrots

Page 29 (Manga landscape talk)

The money is in

  • D = ダルク (Dark)
  • P = ペント (Pent)? Where the heck is Pent a reference from?