Spring Study Binge ideas

Im not sure if youre still interested in a group study but here is a game I found that might work well

11. Shiritori

  • Game description (goal and rules): Shiritori is a game similar to “Word chain”. Players are required to come up with nouns beginning with the final syllable of the previous word. When a player cannot come up with a word, they lose.
  • Recommended age: People of all ages can play this simple game, but older teenagers and adults are likely to enjoy it more as they have a more extensive vocabulary than children.
  • Recommended number of players: Two or more players are needed to play Shiritori.
  • Average game duration: This game can last anywhere from fifteen or twenty minutes to an hour.
  • Grammar you can practice while playing: While the game is played using only nouns, you can use them in their nominative form to practice grammar.
  • Vocabulary you can practice while playing: You are guaranteed to learn some new words while playing this game! Here is an example of a word sequence that could come up in the game:

sakura (cherry blossom) → rajio (radio) → onigiri (rice ball) → risu (squirrel) → sumou (sumo)

I found the idea here: The Best Way to Learn Japanese: 15 Games for Fun Japanese Lessons!


I have to admit, but I don’t personally find shiritori useful for learning, although it is fun. It’s usefulness is akin to wordle I think. If you want to play more regularly, there’s a thread on the forum here iirc or on renshuu.org there’s 2-3 games going 24/7 (beginner, kana, and kanji versions I believe).


I challenge you to go to an old man noodle shop


Noodles and my stomach don’t get along :sweat_smile:. Maybe a different kind of shop?

I challenge you to use only the Japanese menu at a place where you’d normally use the English one

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Really?? All noodles? My favourite are the the thick udon noodles

(Racoon wearing sunglasses)
I only use Japanese menus
(Zoom out to racoon on a skateboard)

I read news in English. I’ll read an article in Japanese today instead.

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Noodles with broth at least. Brothless is great

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Oof losing motivation but I really want to do this.

Tomorrow is a new day

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I should have time for a call, if you want to chat only in Japanese tomorrow after work?

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And that’s the end to the Spring study binge

2 good things came from this.
I found a great youtube channel for grammar and I started a walking challenge.

Did I learn anything? Was it effective? Who knows.

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