Spoken Japanese

So I am self studying Japanese and I want to cover spoken part as well (mostly formal but informal too). Is there any particular order in which I must proceed to study and practice? Any good free resources I could rely on? It could be online books, videos, apps etc.


Spoken Japanese really isn’t some totally separate thing. Actively using the language you’re going to have to draw on vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, etc. There’s benefit to be had just be writing things out in the language - you’re still exercising that part of your brain that is producing the language rather than recognizing it.

HelloTalk (app) is a good resource for this - you can share social-media-esque posts and get corrections from native speakers.

Listening comprehension is, IMO, one of the more challenging things when you’re studying on your own. It’s not free, but something like a shadowing book can be a great resource - audio spoken by native Japanese speakers along with a Japanese transcription as well as a translation into several languages.

In my experience I really do believe reasonably decent pronunciation is important in holding a conversation, especially if you want to get Japanese back from whoever you’re talking to (as opposed to them jumping in with English). You can develop that with critical close listening, self-assessment, as well as finding resources dedicated to pronunciation and pitch - or asking native speakers to help with what sounds least natural in your diction.

Thank you so much. I’ll remember the advise

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