(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness


Well, I have to say, that jiddle has been pretty amazing so far. I’m really impressed by everyone (WK staff and durtlic church included, starting with @a-regular-durtle)
I’m a bit sad that I don’t have time to participate, but I enjoy reading about the progress anyway :slight_smile:


Here’s upper half of page 36 of Minna no Nihongo, correct ISBN verified.



So do you just need page 39 then or more? I haven’t been fully keeping up with the rules of how you’re getting information from these books.


Just 39, assuming character 134 doesn’t roll to the next page (most likely not).


Well… that’s unfortunate. Maybe we are going to discover that only four of the books yield actual words.


Or maybe it yields a full sentence leading to the next step…


It’s possible (though maybe not likely) that we could translate the kana to romaji or standard keyboard. Or some other transformation.

But yeah, I’m guessing only some of them yield results.


If I skip numerals, that page of Minna no Nihongo gives me 毎晩休せす勉. The fact that doing exactly the same procedure on the DBJG perfectly yielded the English word “eating” suggests that something is wrong here…


I agree not cheating at all.


Yeah, when I first started doing that, I got excited… “every night…” and then nothing.


So are we tracking which books we already have accounted for? Maybe I have one someone doesn’t?


I don’t think this page is formatted it a way that’s likely to contain one of the words. But here’s page 39 anyway (and 40 just in case).

JFZ pages



Wonder if the solution to the previous puzzle is supposed to tell us exactly which books to read.

Wonder if we can back-engineer these books to fit into the four coded words. Maybe 00LB269G correlates to “Genki” somehow?


I am SO PROUD of you all! :slight_smile: This is real progress!! This makes me really excited :smiley:
But also, I was gone for like a day and y’all had all the fun without me :frowning:
ya durty buttholes :rage:


Exactly what I was thinking. But since we (maybe) only have one keyword left to find, I’m going to see if I can track down some page images first…


Genki 1, Genki 1 Workbook, and Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar all had valid words.

So far, we have pages above from the correct version of Minna no Nihongo and Japanese From Zero.
They haven’t yielded good decodings yet, but maybe worth trying some alternative methods.

That leaves the following books not yet obtained:

Japanese for Busy People (Nov 2011)
23 33 2 5 10 34 19

Japanese for Everyone (Jun 2008)
50 4 33 8 13 434 4

Japanese: The Spoken Language (Sep 1987)
168 19 1 6 5 5 5 10 9

Adventures in Japanese (3rd Ed, Jun 2007)
33 98 2 55 34 9 10

Japanese the Manga Way (Nov 2004)
43 99 3 24 55 16 9


Which books did the Tofugu article speak particularly highly of? Or which are most popular? Genki and DoBJG aren’t surprising if they picked the books based on either of those criteria.


Possibly I missed a comment, but it’s worth repeating even if so…

Are we considering the note under the cryptic text in the image from the other. The text that said “Warning Spaces are required?”


There’s no way of knowing if that would have been used in one of the skipped steps.


We still have to figure out the order and input format too. That might have been what the space comment referred to.