(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness


For anyone that wants to try to work on Japanese for Everyone:

Edit: the page below is from the wrong edition :thinking:

The needed content


Are you outsourcing because one of the numbers is 434? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think 434 is likely to still be on that page. Depending how you count. And that’s the trick. I haven’t found any hits in this page yet. Just for the sake of honing in quickly, I put a ? in place of character 434.

Edit: I’m sleepy… I just realized what you were saying. Anyway, nope… I’m outsourcing because I’m not sure many (or any) people are likely to have this particular book. It’s from 1993.


So, if there are 10 books, each with a word, how does that lead us to 4 words?


I think most of them may be false trails. So far, I’ve only found 3 that had readily decodable words. I don’t have all of the books, so it’s going to take some teamwork to locate copies of the rest.


The specific edition which the ISBN refers to was published in 2008, though.


It’s looking like JFE doesn’t make a word, but I’m trying it different ways. Skipping spaces and punctuation, yes, but also b) skipping kanji, and c) skipping numbers and kanji. It’s a little harder on a jpg.


I’ve also been trying romaji, kana, and kanji for the ones that are all or partially Japanese.



Japanese for Busy People gives me “UIMITO” if I skip all kana and numerals, and “RUEMEU” if I also skip Is used as Roman numerals. That’s assuming the page in question is the same in both editions.


Yeah, I’ve tried lots of combinations on that one…

Include “LESSON 3”? Skip the numbers?


Have you verified your ISBN number on JfBP? I just realized mine’s not the same as the one listed :-/


Indeed. I mentioned that already, didn’t I? Like… twice?

I’ve got the 2006 edition, but the ISBN refers to the 2011 edition.


Heh… I thought you were talking about Japanese for Everyone, so I guess I got my wires crossed. Sorry :sweat_smile:


Maybe I’ll pop into my university bookshop and see what they’ve got…


Or library might have it.


That was killing my eyeballs not being able to select text. Here’s a bad OCR of the JFE page, I’ll clean it up a bit and start again.


What are all the books? If any of them are Japanese From Zero (volumes 1-3) I can post pictures of whatever page you need (tomorrow when I wake up that is).


Crazy cool how you guys got to this point! I don’t think I have any of the books on the list but I’ll check in the morning if this hasn’t been solved yet


Or an antiquie book shop. Japanese: The Spoken Language is from 1987

Here’s all the deets, augmented with edition dates. Format is:

Book Name (publication date)
(ISBN-10, if that’s how the Tofugu article identifies it)
Book cipher code

Genki Workbook (Mar 2011)
89 41 3 12 31

Genki I (Feb 2011)
209 1 24 29 41 50 84

Minna no Nihongo (2nd Ed)
36 2 10 45 130 4 55

Japanese for Busy People (Nov 2011)
23 33 2 5 10 34 19

Japanese for Everyone (Jun 2008)
50 4 33 8 13 434 4

Japanese: The Spoken Language (Sep 1987)
168 19 1 6 5 5 5 10 9

Adventures in Japanese (3rd Ed, Jun 2007)
33 98 2 55 34 9 10

Japanese from Zero! (Aug 2014)
39 4 3 45 134 2 66

Japanese the Manga Way (Nov 2004)
43 99 3 24 55 16 9

A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
181 8 49 3 20 2 33


Japanese from Zero 1, but make sure you have the identical ISBN number: 9780976998129 / 0976998122