(SPOILER EDITION) Descent of the Durtle into Madness


There’s also the option to count it as zero, or skip it


You’re right. I forgot that I had tried skipping them, too.


They only have the 2006 version there.


Seems to me like the books where we’re most confident about the keyword are also the ones where we haven’t had to think of whether to skip numerals or kana. Thinking perhaps one option is to start reading from any place where there’s a solid paragraph of English text, rather than starting at the top of the page.

I tried doing that with the Japanese the Manga Way page (where skipping the に or not either gives us umbros or ombros) by reading through each paragraph separately, but nothing worked. If it helps any, starting at “Some nouns can act as adverbs” yields LMSDAS, “Kashimura was having such a good day” yields GSGRIA, “Adverbs typically indicate the manner” yields HVEEYY, and “When Shima is dispatched” yields TEORAA…


Ok, I’ve set in motion the interlibrary loan process, but I’m not hopeful that it would come anytime before Monday.

@Belthazar, another thought I had was that we might need to take letters from more than one page. However, if that’s the case, we’d just be guessing at which numbers were page numbers and which were letters.


Aye, that way madness lies…


Pinterest shows us interesting things when we need to know them most.



Problem is, there really isn’t any english text in the minna no nihongo books. The translations and grammar explanations are all in a different booklet, but I doubt they’d want us to use that, or they’d given us that isbn right away.


that somehow breaks my heart. Poor turtle ;(


Here is Adventures in Japanese 1. The ISBN matches for the paperback edition on this site: https://www.cheng-tsui.com/browse/textbooks/adventures-in-japanese-third-edition/adventures-in-japanese-volume-1-textbook?id=20273
There is a sample (https://www.cheng-tsui.com/sites/default/files/previews/AIJ1TXBKsample_4.pdf) which includes page 33. Included screenshots because the page seems to be buggy:

Disreagrding title, spaces and punctuation, I get eymtof.


Yeah… we also got that :frowning: it’s in the second post


Nevermind then… Didn‘t see that, since there is no keyword in the second post…


In case nobody can turn up a copy of Japanese for Busy People (2011), I found that my local library has a copy (totally did not expect that). I can take a look at it tomorrow. (Now I really need to get back to studying why did I do this spent half a day on this


That’d be awesome! Turns out interlibrary loan takes 4-6 days, and I don’t know if that includes weekend days, so I probably won’t get my hands on the book until Wednesday (but maybe not even until next Friday).



Did anyone else get the wiki editor badge again? I got that way back in March 2017…



I don’t know if I’ve had it before or not, but I did get a notification the other week for one.


I have vol ll+lll (orange and red book) but I think this is vol l, right (blue book)?


No progress today?


Not really, I did notice that the first space/hyphen in each code maps to Q:


But then again, I’m still not convinced if the codes are supposed to map to the pages we found or if this is coincidence.

Still trying to break the code.


Any change the last one is:

dictionary-of-basic-japanese-grammar ??