Speed up my lessons and quiz

The best time to start learning grammar is yesterday. The second best time is today. The third best time is probably around level 10.

Resources, you say?

I would recommend trying/checking out some of the free resources first, and see if any of those are a good fit (do you enjoy using them? Are you actually learning something from them and are able to retain that learning?). From there, you can either try new resources if they aren’t working, or supplement. I use Genki and swear by it as my primary grammar text. Others love Tae Kim, which I just use as a supplement. Anki (and KaniWani, the reverse of WaniKani) is great for the flashcard/SRS-minded, and for drilling new vocab. Because more words = more things you can use to build sentences. Consider choosing a mix of resources that hits all major groups of the language - speaking, reading, listening, writing/typing. WaniKani is great for reading, and to a limited extent, listening.

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