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A speaking day today in which my teacher just drilled me on what is written in MnN textbook as “noun modification by sentences”. It hurts my brain to be honest. Where in English you would always have the subject first and what describes it after, in Japanese you’d be describing something without even knowing what it is you’re describing? :face_with_spiral_eyes:


  • person who lives in Japan = 日本に住んでいる人
  • place where I was born = 私が生まれた所

@softlyraining Awww… I’m so sorry about your game! :frowning: I hope you can get your computer fixed/retrieve your game OR you can always start fresh on a new console? It’s nice to also check out different types of farm and discover new ways to progress. :grin: I know we definitely made a bunch of mistakes on our first farm. We got to year 2 on a monster-infested farm but decided to start over this time on a river land farm.