Speak with native Japanese speakers in VRChat

You’ll have to check what time is it in Japan :joy: Obviously night works best, but to my surprise I found a lot of people come in from as early as 6am till 9am and potentially longer. Best time to jump in is on weekends.

I found a few more, Japanese Town usually has a few hanging out as well. There is a new Sakura something world which has Japanese visit as well. Fantasy pub (still need to find the actual name) has seen a decline from my experience, but people do come around sometimes.

Oh cool I’ve been doing this for a while actually! It’s great to see this catching on with other WK members :slight_smile:

My name in-game is also the same as my forum name. I frequent most of the JP maps

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There’s two Onsen worlds and a village as well as a Kyoto world. Unfortunately VRChat doesn’t allow one to save or link to worlds, but just searching for keywords like “japan” and “Onsen” should bring up most of them.

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I didn’t find Onsen to have many JP users, so I stopped visiting it. Maybe it was just bad timing. Haven’t been to Kyoto world, I am checking that out!

Nice, I’ll see you there then :smiley:

This is actually a really cool idea. Had a quick play around and found Japan Town had quite a few natives and non natives speaking Japanese. Shrine was a bit of a mess with a Magikarp running around blasting music! xD

Anyway, I’ll add you guys tomorrow and hopefully see you online sometime! I definitely need to practice my speaking somehow!


Shrine usually is much nicer compared to Japan Town, bigger ratio of JP to non-JP people. And just more intimate groups. But you never know, sometimes it’ll be fully populated by spanish or english speaking people. Sometimes annoying people. Anything can happen but on average its nicer than JP town

Ha, sorry we didn’t meet up! I have so many VRC friends now, didn’t realise you were online couple of times. I’ll join in next time I see you online, now that I remember the username

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Haven’t seen you online yet. I don’t think you’ve accepted my Friend Request either. Lets meet up in VRC, I am there daily now

Did you send a friend request? I don’t remember getting any. Lemme know your username

An update on the worlds:
The Sakura one I was referring to is called → SAKURA HIROBA (there is a night version, ending with Yoru)
A new, not super high quality, but big and popular → Japanese room
Not strictly Japanese, but they hang out here during JP waking hours → KARAOKE CAFÉ

Ok, I can prob go on on Monday

Let alone the VR, I don’t even have a mic, lol. I do want to get one tho since I play other video games where I want to talk with my friends, so this is actually a very nice idea.

What I’ve seen others do is use text-to-speech applications in VRchat and simply use their soundcard as microphone input in-game. The responses are slower but people will still try to communicate with you if you make an effort

Keep on seeing you online on the website, but by the time I login, you are gone :joy: Haven’t seen the rest from the channel :frowning:

Hello @doutatsu I have add you on steam because I also think it would be nice to speak japanese on vr chat with some native japanese speakers, I had a walk in japanese shrine world, but I wasn’t lucky enough to find any unfortunately. Any good world suggestions?

Hi! @LemonLimeSwag
I’m Japanese native speaker and learning English speaking.
Recently I’ve started VRC.
Would you be my VRC friend if you don’t mind.

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I guess I am not good enough to be your VRC friend :sob: Also Native speaker in WaniKani? What is this magic?

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Japanese Shrine is not what it used to be, I don’t go there myself at all anymore. Shame really. The go to place now for all Japanese native speakers is 1619HZ. You still want to go there when its not middle of the night in Japan though, although you can probably find people there at any point

There are a few people here sitting aside in the world you suggested, but I’m a bit shy to start chatting lol