✨ Progress Buddies! (For Non-WK sites!)


Hi everyone! I hope your WaniKani journey is going well!

As I am sure most of you do, I use many different websites to learn Japanese. While not all of them have a social aspect, sites such as Memrise do. If you are somebody who enjoys seeing or is motivated by other peoples progress, I thought we should have a space to share usernames to these other sites so you can follow other people. If you feel uncomfortable sharing outright, you can always share through pms :smiley_cat:

Off the top of my head I can only think of Memrise that has this feature, so if you other sites, feel free to contribute.

Also please keep this to educational sites, preferably Japanese learning! :smile:

Happy learning!

:two_hearts::sparkles: Progress Buddies! :sparkles: :two_hearts:








Interesting, alright here’s my Memrise for anybody that wants to see! Duolingo also has the ability to see other people’s profiles, but it’s not as good. I’m not sure if it even shows streaks (which is a shame because I love showing off my almost 2 year streak), but it’s here anyway!


I just realized I forgot to post my stuff :laughing:

Duolingo (i rarely use duolingo, but if I ever do again, here it is :slightly_smiling_face:)


I haven’t used Memrise for several months since I first tried it out, but if I go back to it I’ll share here ^^ My username is just the same anyway, I believe. It feels much cooler to compare against others than generic random people on the leaderboard.

(I’m quite likely to go back to Memrise at some point to cram vocab)


I don’t use Memrise anymore, but here’s my link just in case ^^


I’d love to participate but I’ve got no idea how to add any of you or how to make a link like yours with my info. :sweat_smile:
When I click on the link it just takes me to Memrise but doesn’t show me any of you. And I actually haven’t used Memrise lately. :sweat_smile:


Which website are you using? Because normally if you just go to your profile, you can copy the link straight from there


I’m using the app right now, since I’m on my mobile. Uhm, ok, I’ll go to the website!

Edit: Here it is! BlueberryPear


It looks like on memrise mobile app you can’t link your page, but if you have the persons username you can search them

Edit: Awesome! Thank you!!


Ack! This reminds me, I haven’t been on Memrise in forever! Anyway, I guess this is my chance to get back into it. Maybe this will help keep me on track?
Username: Ca5cal.

I have a Duolingo account – I’m Ca5cal there too – but I don’t like it much for Japanese learning, so I haven’t used it in a long time.

I am also on Renshuu as caracal, though again, it’s been a while since I’ve used it. I may return someday…


Thanks Caracal! I forgot about Renshuu! Ill add that as well :blush: