Spacing Out Transitive & Intransitive Verbs, Round 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post announcing that we would be adding space in your lessons between transitivity pair verbs, like 入る and 入れる. At the time of the post, we had only prepped for moving verbs in levels 1-30, but now we are ready to finish off with levels 31-60.

To avoid causing any issues with the app, we will be moving subjects in batches of 4-5 at a time. As each batch gets pushed to the app, it’s possible that some of your reviews will disappear because the vocabulary words have been moved to a higher level than your current one. Once you reach the level that they are moved to, you’ll pick up right where you left off with those words, in terms of SRS stage.

We’ll be pushing these changes to the app over the course of the day on Tuesday, April 27th. Stay tuned for more updates to the WaniKani learning experience!


Amazing work! Thanks, Cameron!


I think this will be of great help for keeping those pesky transitive and intransitive verbs apart.


I would like if I could. :sob:


Thank you Jenny


thanks! these have been some of my worst leeches, anything which might make them easier to learn is welcome ^^


Thanks WK team and Jerry


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This is really great to hear, good work getting it all done so quickly :slight_smile:

I do what I can!

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For me these words became really obvious after I got a handle on causative and passive conjugation. It’s not that they are those things, but humans are creatures of pattern and habit, and these patterns emerged in speech due to intuitive understanding. That is, rareru / saseru, and the implication of having seru or aru in a word without thinking twice about it. Likely, this is why koichi and friends never put much emphasis on the difficulty of grasping the pattern when you don’t realize.

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This is a great move! And this time my area gets done, yay! Those are still a pain in my behind at times XD

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