Spaced repitition review time could be adjusted (not turned off) - title correction for topic clarity

One other point that I don’t think has been pointed out yet is that, aside from the scientific aspects, SRS is also all about efficiency. The goal is to ingrain a piece of information in your long term memory. If you review something every 2 hours for a day, I’m sure you’ll remember it every time. How often are you supposed to keep that up for? 7 months? (the normal completion time per item). Assuming you review it every 2 hours 12 hours a day that’s over 1260 reviews! Per item! At my current level that’s over 2000 reviews per hour, which will only increase until I start Burning items. That is a waste of time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I often find it’s very easy to get items up to Guru 1; I can easily remember something I don’t have a good mnemonic for over the space of 1-2 days. A week later when it’s time for Guru 2 though I face the true test of whether I actually properly learned this thing


For what it’s worth, the SRS intervals have gone through AB testing by Tofugu and they have been tweaked from time to time.

They also started keeping historical data on performance a couple of years ago (which is available from the API) so they have got tons and tons of real data on how well their intervals work.


Forget all of them in less than a minute

EDIT: Not bashing on this OP, but the people that think that this could be done “in less than a month.” I agree that a little extra leniency could be useful, but I wouldn’t expect that to happen any time soon from WK.

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This topic is a taboo in here.
I also think that srs should be flexible. It would be nice to have a “burn twice” option…
Maybe a preset setting like “fast lane” group or “slowpokes” group for preset srs mechanics…

Thoughts? :thought_balloon:

This feels like another “WaniKani is too slow” post, just with a different name, so I’ve been inclined to ignore it just on that basis. I wish we would start closing a lot of these posts, because they’re all the same and it gets pretty tiring to see them over and over.

These types of suggestions aren’t to make WK better, they come from people who don’t like the core concept. If that’s the case, use something else. There’s no value in these types of posts when they are tied to something so fundamental.

If they don’t like WK, they can use Anki and customize to their heart’s content. It comes with the cost of having to maintain all the decks, add new cards, look for decks that may have disappeared, etc. WK is an alternative to having to do that. It is opinionated by design, so if someone disagrees with the opinions, then they can use something else that doesn’t have that.

Many of us have been using WK for years. We understand how it works and why and if it wasn’t effective, we wouldn’t be here. To have a brand new user who’s been using it for all of 5 minutes come in and tell everyone it’s wrong isn’t going to garner any meaningful responses. Feedback from experienced users (usually) is at least worth consideration, because it’s coming from someone who has a better understanding of the system.

I’ve had my list of hundred of similar threads I post to these every time, but it’s just not worth the effort even for that. Now I just flag off-topic and move on.


The topic was taboo because it seemed like every other month a new person would announce their own crazy SRS-but-without-the-actual-gaps approach to WK and convince a bunch of other users to follow along with their idea.

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Even If people complain about this or that, what I like about WK is that it doesn’t just close Threads, even if a user is new. If I see a thread I don’t like, I just ignore it. All products are criticized, whether they’ve been used for a day or years.

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