So...what do you do when waiting for things to happen?

Hey, guys. I’m bored. Have to wait till my reviews show up.
Gonna tell you my story.
I’m still on level 3, but i study japanese for over a year now. I already now something like 400 kanji and some vocabulary. I understand some grammar too, and can make my way through Yotsuba fairly well.
Im using WK because i think it will really help me getting out of this place, where i no longer have energy to study those random kanjis. They’re no longer so common, so it’s like you’re not even learning.
What do you guys(and gals) do when waiting for you reviews to show up?

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Here’s my dashboard. Does it look healthy?

I would say review / study more grammar. Or, since you already have a foundation, do some reading while you wait. We have a whole bunch of book clubs here on WaniKani.


Well, are there any groups where i can find those books for free?

Yey, lets get this party started. Will post the results here =D

No, you have to buy the books. Some of them can be fairly cheap if you buy the ebook version, but still not free. There are free things out there to read of course, but nothing with the book clubs right now. Check out the “Free Online Resources” section in the below post.


Things are so easy early on. Can’t wait till i get on the mess people keep talking about. So excited .

Thanks a lot, @seanblue!


Try HelloTalk! I recently downloaded the app and I’m having a lot of fun language exchanging with others. There’s options for translation and transliteration, and people can correct your posts. I think it’s a great way to expand your language skills without sinking a whole lot of time into it!

This thread is reading free picture books, if you’re interested:

currently at age 0, but the website has picture books all the way up to age 12 and even some for adults I believe. :slight_smile:


My situation was similar. Don’t worry the review avalanches will start hitting you soon enough.

Here, a graph to go along with you (@yukkuri_kame) said, based on my own review/lessons data:

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Study grammar, study other vocab material, read NHK Easy News, go to work, catch up on work emails at home, cook, clean, laundry, dishes, housework, yardwork, figure out how I want to document my trip to Japan next month, and sometimes I even sleep.

If you’re not using them already, you could try out Kaniwani and/or Kamesame. That should help kill some of the time between reviews.

And?? I’d die

It seems like you’re looking for a challenge. So if you haven’t already, check out jprspereira’s guide to blaze through wanikani:

My Journey of 368 days (+ The Ultimate Guide for WK )

You’ll be having a crazy amount of lessons and reviews in no time!


Pretend I’m going to study grammar while watching just one more youtube video for about an hour. Then I usually start reading (not Japanese), playing games, or studying for grad school.

Honestly, I get the feeling I won’t really dive into grammar that hard until I get to level 60. I have taken a class in Genki I so I can kinda fumble through some stuff, but obviously I need to jump into Genki II at some point and probably reread Genki I.

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