Sometimes My Brain is Dumb 班

So, students at the schools I work at have planted flowers and I’m seeing this kanji all over the flower gardens at the school: (はん / squad)

Since it’s level 48 in WaniKani, I haven’t encountered it yet in my studies, but thanks to the radicals, I could start playing with the kanji in my head. I thought I’d share my 6 degrees of separation for a peek into peak Rego brain.

班→王り王→おうりおう→オリオ→(英語発音)Oreo → Oreo Cookies

Now I’m hungry. Damn you gardening.

Sidenote: Alternate Mnemomic - I want to join the Oreo Squad with Han Solo to fight against the Hydrox empire.


This brings us the word 班長 (はんちょう) which became a word in English, namely “head honcho,” the big boss.

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