Something I just realized about the forums

So I was looking through old forum threads from before the migration and I noticed that almost none of them had any likes. I only joined just after the migration so I’ve always known likes on here, but apparently there didn’t used to be likes.

That’s it, that’s all I have to say. Have fun with this bit of trivia.


how did orange cat man survive (trunklayer if you’re new. idk if he’s still around actually, but the joke is he would run out of likes everyday)


I used to too, but then I went to likes rehab and now I’m reformed.


That’s exactly what a like maniac in desguise would say.

See, I just put you in a complicated situation, because either you prove my point by liking this or rudely not like my joke.

The only winning move would be moving to North Korea, where your access to this website would be denied.


You know what you can do? You can like random old posts in order to fill old users’ inboxes in the rare case that they decide to return to WK (and it does happen) :smiling_imp:


I still get likes to this day on a post I made about how leebo answers my questions

god damn it they just did it again


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