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Yes… never for learning…


lol whats with the sarcasm?

At this point, I feel like I should start asking for a sponsorship from them, but I highly recommend LingoDeer as it is a great online resource if you’re willing to pay the subscription or lifetime purchase. LingoDeer+ I’m still on the fence about, but at least it is a pretty good varied practice resource. I bought into it just to throw some more financial support behind their development in hopes they can keep developing their system.

It pretty much feels like an online GENKI I and II book that you can use on your phone or on your PC, so it’s easier to hop into a study session when you have time. You even even toggle off the furigana for that extra kanji recognition challenge. Sometimes I find it lacking for reviewing already covered concepts for reinforcement, but its use of an actual voice actress rather than a computer generated voice really helps when listening for a more natural flow of Japanese.

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I’ll jump on the Cure Dolly bandwagon by saying that I’ve learned more about Japanese grammar (and word structure) from her in the last 2 weeks than I learned Spanish grammar during 3 years of study in high school, and it was my favorite subject. Her Japanese From Scratch playlist is where you should start if you try out her material.


everyone here is recommending grammar study but why not just read and look up grammar as you go?

or use a book like Japanese the manga way that explains how grammar works using only the context of real manga that japanese people read, and that you will frequently encounter when you read.

reading real, raw ネイティブ向け japanese as soon as you can is really the best practice you could add.


Read a book or newspaper?


I like genki because after you do the lesson there are practice questions, and if you have the workbook too then you get even more practice.

If you prefer YouTube to reading a textbook then Tokini Andy has videos breaking down each chapter (pick the videos without the chat function)

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I think it’s pretty hard to read sentences though without some basic particle knowledge. That will significantly help with chopping up sentences into readable sections for a beginner.

Not saying you need to have N5 to start, but at least knowledge that は、が、を、に, etc. can do stuff in sentences is required before starting to read I’d say.

As for me though, I only started reading after getting to N4, which is ridiculous. While reading, I’ve learned more intuitively about specific nuance and use of certain grammar points than in the void of a textbook.


That’s what I proposed above as well. Although I did a speed read through N4/N5 grammar points first to at least be able to recognize them when looking things up.

Dang, she’s actually a really good human being. I was already enjoying her channel, but I think I’ll support her too!


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