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Hello everyone!
Apologies if this has been discussed before, however I couldn’t find the right thread for my question.

So I’ve embarked on this journey at December 2020, started off by learning Hiragana and Katakana, then on January took my first step on WK.
I also supplemented my routine with some Anki vocabulary decks, and 2 episodes of some anime a day for the immersion.

BUT WHAT ELSE??? Surely there’s more to it right?
I mean I DO feel like I am progressing and I can read slightly more and more complex sentences (as I progress in WK), but it can’t be it, can it? That alone probably won’t make me fluent…right?

Often times I finish all my reviews and lessons, and finish going through my Anki deck, and then I just end up wondering “well… what now?”.

What else should I be doing daily to boost my learning efficiency?
Please share some of your daily routines or methods :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3:

EDIT: Many many thanks for your replies guys!
Got plenty of material to indulge myself in thanks to you! :smiley:


How’s grammar?


I think learning will be pretty difficult without any grammar. How about reading a few Tae Kim paragraphs, or taking a look at the BunPro trial? Maybe watch a few beginner videos of Misa Sensei’s Japanese Ammo series.
Maybe get yourself a Genki workbook as well?


some sort of grammar practice might be helpful, i work through bunpro after i work through my wanikani reviews, that has helped me a lot with my understanding of grammar.




I guess nowhere near where it should be for my level…

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I think you could try out italki. There you can find a Japanese Native Speaker to talk to you. This is necessary in order to become “fluent”.

It will also help you to progress and to figur out what you are missing and where to work on, so you won´t feel like you have nothing to do !

Good Luck :3

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I’d add reading manga with furigana (to begin with) to your daily routine and/or listening practice. You might find something to enjoy here. :slight_smile: :headphones:


Only here to say this reply broke me :rofl: :joy:


as has already been mentioned several times: grammar

and then later production: writing and speaking practice

WK is very good at what it does: teaching us to read kanji. but beyond that there is a lot more to learning japanese ^^


How do you learn your grammar? I can watch Youtube videos all day but will it really stick?

Several ways have been mentioned. I find Bunpro really effective. (Just beware of the potential SRS overload of WK and BP at the same time.)


to make things stick? exercises, and practice ^^

As much immersion as you can possibly handle. And not just letting the material flow over your head. Look things up and add the common words to an SRS.

I recommend Cure Dolly’s videos for grammar. And bunpro to practice it (but never for learning).


this is such high quality learning content it’s worthy of a pay gate or private tutoring. I have no idea why she publishes everything for free


The traditional way is to get a grammar book with exercises. Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Minna no Nihongo
  • Genki
  • Japanese from Zero

Another way is how I did it:

  • Sign up for Bunpro and then work through all the N4/N5 grammar points in a few sittings
  • Start reading and look up grammar as needed

The video from Misa Sensei below explains why she publishes most of the videos for free and her motivations. Technically, she is mainly paid via Youtube, Patreon and few merchandises, if I’m not mistaken. I chose to support her on Patreon due to not wanting my adblocker to be turned off :sweat_smile:


Cure Dolly is good too.


Also sometimes (not for everyone), taking notes can help you pay closer attention and pick up on more things in the video that you may not have picked up otherwise

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bunpro is an srs just like wanikani so it would really help yhings stick

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