"something" at the end of a word or phrase

I understand why Wanikani does it, but is it really necessary when the word works without it?
Like, try and try something. They’re almost always pretty self explanatory so I wish WK made that component optional, such as by putting it into parenthesis.
It’s a little annoying having to add user synonyms without the something :roll_eyes:


I think it’s usually to differentiate between transitive and intransitive verbs. I don’t always type in the ‘something’ but there are some words that don’t require it even if it’s in the definition.

Well, sure. But it’s actually a little confusing. From what I’ve seen, the use of intransitive verbs can be a lot more flexible than what WK suggests by restricting them to something. I’d much rather prefer them to just mention whether it’s transitive or intransitive and leave it at that.

If they were consistent about it, it should be optional. The version without “something” should not be marked incorrect for the vocab with it. Unfortunately, they are not consistent, and so far have made only marginal efforts to make it consistent.


Anzeige ist raus.

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Instead, i would prefer to have a note in the review card which indicates if it needs a particle and if yes which one!


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