Some verbs not listed as transitive or intransitive

Is there a particular reason as to why some verbs are not listed as Transitive or intransitive on wanikani?
for example 積もる. Is this because it is both transitive and intransitive? and is there a name for these types of verbs?

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I think they should say so, even if it’s both.

Being both is simply called 自他動詞.
You can find a list of examples at 4. on this page:


In the case of 積もる it’s just that there are two meanings. “To accumulate” is intransitive and “to estimate” is transitive. But WK doesn’t teach “to estimate.”


That’s a bit frustrating :confused:
It would be nice if they added a note about that.
You should send them an email, @RAIJIN they are very reactive for those things!


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