Some Easy Kanji Puzzles

Some kanji puzzles, posted a few days late, I know.

One type:

  • 大一手一玉

Another type:

  • 二万五万三

  • 大里土通下田工人

  • 犬万月里女田

If you figure them out, please don’t post the answer, just post more of your own. :slight_smile:

Dedicated to the Ninja. (@theMusicalninja)

One more of the first type:

One more of the second type:


how i wish i could remember pi


I totally figured out all of them but I won’t post the answers because I am not allowed to


I have never done this before. What is a Kanji puzzle, and how do I solve them?


An explanation of how the puzzle works would be nice.


Calls them easy kanji puzzles, proceeds to not explain the rules.


@Kumirei , @Candygaming, @seanblue, @rever4217
If I explain the rules, you will know the answers instantly.
The rules are the puzzle.
The first one is easiest. Also, there are two really good clues in the original post.

oh ok, so the objective might not even be to find their meaning?

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I did not spend much time on the meanings. But I tried for instance on the second one, two make the meaning extra deceptive.

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Hey, I solved them all already

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wait is each dot point a different puzzle? Or are there just two?

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I realize that. :slight_smile:

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One puzzle, two types.

so there are four puzzles?

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Just solve one, and they are all transparently obvious. Use the clues.

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oh ok, so if we figure out the pattern we’re then able to create more of our own?

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yes. You can make many many once you figure the patterns.
Try writing the first one on paper.

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ok so I think I got the first one, maybe the second.

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ones and twos are tough, so I used a work-around

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Late for what?


Late for another clue.