Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Yeah, that was a typo. Meant to type 33 down.

Thank you @Belthazar, I had never done a crossword in Japanese before. I realised almost immediately I would never keep up with the people posting here, and when the answers are not hidden, it’s hard to not read them. So I just printed out pictures of the first grid and questions and set myself the challenge of doing alone.
Well, after a solid evening’s hard work, I was super excited to solve the entire thing by myself, apart from one clue! When I checked back in here I discovered I had made one mistake - I had ジママ instead of キママ However either way I still don’t understand the answer to 21 down せいくらべて柱が受難、which is apparently キズ. Could someone please explain it for me? :smiley: Thanks in advance.


When you measure someone’s height せいくらべ you put a person against a pillar 柱 and make some sort of a cut きず on the wood above his or her head. That is my understanding of it.


なるほど! My parents marked our heights as we grew as well, but with a pen, and when I looked up きず I just didn’t see the connection.
Thank you!

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I’m quite impressed you were able to do it alone, though - I’m not sure I could have. I certainly understand your wanting to avoid the answers - I have a hard enough time not flipping to the back of the book to check. :slightly_smiling_face:

I confess this is one of the ones I never quite got. Still kinda feel that connection is a little bit tenuous.

Alrighty. Puzzle number four. This one’s got more words in the clues, so I thought I’d take closer-up images. Maybe I should stitch them together into one…

My first move: Pawn to queen’s bish… uh, I mean, 14-down is フジ. Maybe?

I think ヨシン is the answer for 20 across.

Can’t answer anymore than that since I’m going to bed now.

I downloaded a crossword app because of this topic.

My proudest one so far was
2 characters

I thought, “what would that be in English? Oh, field of vision, vision = 視 field = 野, しや!

I hadn’t specifically seen that word in Japanese before that.


I like that.

16-across is ランドセル
15-down is thus ウラ, perhaps?
And I guess 8-across is ヤコウ, but now I feel like I’m starting to build a whole chain of uncertainties.

Got a few more to add to this chain, so my confidence is increasing. Either that, or I’m compounding error upon error.
7-across is チン (though I had to google that one)
5-down is チャウチャウ
11-down is エンコ (though there’s some rather fun words which fit the pattern of *ンコ…)

Aye, I’m learning (or, at least, encountering) many new words though this crossword. Someday perhaps I’ll even be able to solve clues without going via English.

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Been a bit quiet today. Is everyone crossworded out, or is it just that I’m in the opposite time zone from most contributors? :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe 27 across is ブン?

I am at work, so no crosswords for me until weekend :cry:

Can’t account for others, but I’ve been quite occupied since it’s Golden Week holiday. :rofl: I’ll download it tonight and probably post my thoughts sometime early tomorrow.

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From me, yes, I think :slightly_smiling_face: and if I’m being a good girl, I won’t be playing on the forums until ~12 hours from now. Also, most of these are pretty hard for me, so even though it’s fun, it does depend on how much time and energy I have…

My husband and I took a crack at it this evening; here are some suggestions:
26A: シンブンシ
28D: シルシ

But after that we’re stumped :sweat_smile:

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Ah, nice. I was just thinking it might be time to have another stab at the crossword.

41-down is キサラギ
I was thinking that 33-down would be ルイ, but that makes 34-across イヨキ, which doesn’t appear to be a word…

Edit, many hours later: Got it. 28-across is シシ, which means 33-down can be キチ, making 34-across チョキ. Meanwhile, I also failed to notice that 39-across was also left with a nonsense answer when I wrote in キサラギ - it needs to be シサ, so 38-down is トショシツ (which, to be fair, I’d never seen before, but makes sense since the clue asks for 部屋).

Also, in rough order of solving:
29-down = カワセ
21-across = ショカ
24-down = チョウド (don’t quite get the clue, but it fits)
25-across = ウワッツラ, and therefore
35-down = ツル (it’s a saying - I had to google it)
6-across = ウエキバチ (which makes 14-down not フジ but フキ, my bad)
19-down = マヨイバシ

Which makes 14-across フイ, but I don’t really get it.

Which is the bottom half of the puzzle all solved.

Wow! Good job! Sorry for feeding you wrong answers :sweat_smile:

18 across イワシ
17 down イルイ
32 down パン
22 down ヒマワリ
12 across ハイヒール

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30 down ルリ
31 across リハツ
36 down ハナビ
There may be a mistake somewhere. I am not sure about 23 across. I thought it was リンパセツ or リンパセン but there is ハナビ…

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I’m not quite sure I get the clue - there’s clearly some manner of pun going on here. Please explain?

Oh, of course. That one’s obvious in hindsight…

Yeah, I don’t really have any idea. I do like ハナビ, but yeah, that causes issues for 23-across. I was trying to get more clues by solving 40-down, but the answer to that completely eludes me.

Your answers have, however, given me the inspiration for these:
2-across ユキダルマ
12-down ハダ
13-down タイ
9-down キドウタイ (which completes 10-across as タイマ and 5-across as チイ)
1-down シュウト (which completes 3-across as ウド, and I never would have guessed that)

Which is the top-left done.

For those playing at home who are losing track of what’s done and what’s not, here’s my terrible handwritten version of the grid. Hope it’s legible.