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For 2-across, it’s the only thing that comes to mind. I have no particular attachment or assertion on its accuracy. xD

For 19-down, the number is supposed to resemble a palm fruit, no? And ここのつ sounds similar to ココナツ.

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Hah. I was literally just about to add that to my previous post.

Saw a kid shouting ヤッホー from a lookout during my trip. I thought of teaching him how to do a good old Aussie cooee.

Aww, I read the clue as やつ rather than やし. That makes more sense.


18-down could be イツ. src

I want to say 12-down is コーヒー, which would mean 5 across is エコー?

What is 4-down even asking?

A fancy or fashionable way of saying 湾岸. The only answer that fits I can think of is シーサイド, which derails all guess for 5 across so far.

What about 入江岸(いりえがん), which still allows for エコー, though isn’t really a real word?

Edit: Not only was I ignored スズ, but there’s no way 6-across could end in ン. :rofl:

4-across is suzu though

Right you are! Thinking about it, アリーナ would work for 6-across with コーヒー’s long mark.

Maybe, but does that fall in line with the “special seat” connotation?

Unfortunately, I’ve never been to a ライブ in Japan, so I don’t know the seat type names. Though it would open ナナ as an option for 18 down. I’ll find a ライブ site and check.

Edit: In arenas, apparently the general seating down the center is “stage seating” and the elevated seats on the risers on the sides are the “arena” seats, so hard to say, since, in my opinion, both have their merits.

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Soo… ステージ?

I tried having a look at the AKB Group website, but in hindsight, I guess they don’t have seats at all in their regular theaters. What they do have is one price for “general entry”, and a cheaper price for “women and school students”. That speaks volumes about their expected audience. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Though coming up with a female name that’s also a number ending in ジ is going to be a big problem.

Taking a second look at 4-down could be ベイエリア with 4-across being ベル, 5-across being エコー, and 6-across being アリーナ.

Edit: Changing スズ to ベル makes 3-across and 7-down clear with ウタ and タイル respectively.

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I think 13-across is ヒナイドリ, but not completely certain on that point. (Edit: Which, coupled with アリーナ would make 18-down ナナ as hypothesised…)

And yeah, I was thinking 3-across should be ウタ

Aha. 4-down is ベイエリア

According to my research, the prefecture’s bird is ヤマドリ, but an alternate name is サンチョウ… Japanese Dictionary

Where does ヒナイドリ come from?

It’s not the prefecture’s bird, it’s a breed of chicken which is a natural monument in Akita Prefecture. I was only able to find the name obliquely through Google, which is why I’m not certain about it.

Yeah, I just checked it out. I figured the prefecture’s bird would also be under the same circumstance, but Hinaidori definitely fits way better. Jisho confirms its nativeness to Akita, so that’s good enough, right?

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I feel like I ought to know the answer to 25-across, but it’s just not coming to me…

Marble cake? Something like that.

I guess ヒナイドリ makes 24 down ドア?

Edit: 28 down is チェリー, 29 across is エデン. Marble cake seems right, so マーブル. That would make 24 down ドマ. Looking at Jisho, that would indeed fit the question, though it’s more witty than I’d expected.


Pretty sure 15-down is キセツフウ.
Then 16-across is セツド
17-across is フウフ
12-across is コウラクチ
20-down is ウラナイ
22-down is コドモフク

Though so far I’m thoroughly uncertain on the remaining 2-across (ク?ス) 8-across (イビツ maybe?) and 33-down (リ?ン?ル)

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Maybe 31 down is キャンドル?

イブツ, no?


Edit: Ok, I snuck a peek. Yeah, 33-down is キャンドル. 31-across is キキ

クロス is also correct for 2-across.

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