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I was thinking definition 1. The crosswords are in a book aren’t they? So to read that question and these puzzles you are looking at a book right now.

… Oh. Ohhh.

I read that clue as being much more figurative than it actually was. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Next puzzle!

This one is… kinda odd. I confess I’m not even sure where to start.


Nice, a fresh start.
I’ve been pretty focused on N4 and work lately, so I’ll see if I can do something on this one.
Although it does look a little harder than usual. :sweat_smile:

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It looks to me like it’s 100% cultural references, or something. Like, why all the speech marks?

Ok, I had a peek at the answers so I’d at least have some idea of the form this puzzle takes. 1-across is プロポーズ. And some to think of it, I do seem to recall watching an anime or drama in which someone proposes exactly like this.

Though, I’m not entirely sure if that helps any…

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Now that I think about it, it is common. Basically eat their handmade food for the rest of their life.

3-across トクイビ (apparently 11/3 is a national holiday and statistically the clearest day of the year in Japan)
14-across テキシャ
21-across ボイコット
22-across テキジ (?)
26-across クリンチ
28-across ゲキム
33-across モン
34-across フク

1-down プリント
13-down ポジティブ
17-down キビ
20-down ズボシ
25-down イキャクキン
28-down ゲコ
29-down リジ (?)
32-down キツモン
36-down ムトンチャク


Ok, knowing the solutions, I can see how they relate to the clues. But how on Earth did you work those out to begin with?

Well for トクイビ I started out by looking up 11/3 to see if it was a Japanese holiday since the clue noted that date particularly. Then I read that it was statistically the clearest, which coincided with the clue.

I got プリント first off of 1-across and worked off of that.


Oh, they’ve multiplied since I saw them last.

With those letters in place, here’s my additions:

9-down ロン (it’s a mah jong term) which makes 2-across リンジ
22-down シカト - the word comes from the deer on the “autumn leaves” hanafuda card. This makes 22-across シキジ… not completely sure I get that.
18-across ジカン
10-down クウキ, which makes 11-across ウブ
4-across ユキ, I guess?

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I thought 2-across was リンジ but I couldn’t make ロン make sense enough to go with it.

ロン is what happens when you win off someone else’s discard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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6-across ウブ (if 4-down is correct.)

4-down ユウトウセイ (?)

I’m trying to work off of these two to confirm.

24-across アマエンボウ ?
27-across カセイフ (Etsuko Ichihara is an actress who played a housekeeper) or タチギキ (eavesdropping)

35-down ツボ (definition 7)

Gah, 25 days since the last post. I keep meaning to come back to this, but I never have any more idea what the answers might be than I did the last time I looked…

I’ve been stumped too. I think there might be a wrong answer somewhere.

Well, I can check what we’ve got against the answers, but I’m kinda not sure I want to do that until we’re really ready to throw in the towel.

Guess we have been at this for a month.

Ok, so now the fuss is dying down a bit on the Durtle Heaven puzzle, do we want to throw in the towel on this crossword and start the next?

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Yea let’s do it. Start fresh. There’s a blunder somewhere in there I’m sure of it.