Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

30-across イヤ
32-down ニクジャガ (it’s made with meat, potato, shirataki, spring onion, carrots et cetera, but it’s called “meat-potato”)
So I’m willing to commit to @Myria’s earlier guess of クモ for 33-across.
24-across マナジリ (turns out Japanese uses “crow’s feet” similar to English. Wonder if it’s borrowed)
23-across ハンニャ (it’s a scary mask)
That makes 36-across ヤモリ, which confuses me because it’s neither an amphibian nor an aphrodisiac. Nor does it start with イ (or did I misunderstand the clue?)
16-across ロウカ (Looking at clue 16-across immediately after looking at 23-down sparked a sudden connection: the anime cliche of school students being punished by having them hold buckets of water in the hallway)
Though that makes 23-down ハカマ, and I’m guessing there’s a cultural reference here I’m not getting
26-down ニグルマ
28-across マッスル (literally spelt out in the clue)
38-down プール
So 35-across is パー, which is apparently a sound effect of everything coming to nought

Which makes the super sekrit magic word アロハ

And done!

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