Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Righty. Thought it was about time I got back into this. Maybe I know more vocab now, so clues will be easier.

23-down ジゼン
16-down アラシ
Which makes 16-across アイジ… and I just now learnt that 目に入れても痛くない is an expression. Was reading it literally…
17-across シタン
21-down タイフウ
12-down キボ
13-across ボウフウウ (ゥゥゥゥゥ)
Thus 29-down ボウ
19-across オウロ
Thus 25-down ウロコ
32-down ハリケーン
Thus 28-across ヒハン
5-down フキブリ
Thus 6-across ブカ

And thus endeth another crossword. That brings me to the precise centre of the book, not counting the meta puzzle at the end.

Think I need some new blood in this thread, otherwise it’s just me doing crosswords on my own, and I can do that without the thread. Or reheat some of the old blood. Maybe it’s even worth starting a new thread so it shows up afresh in everyone’s notifications.

Guess the question is, is it worth continuing this in public, or should I just finish the book on my own? Are people finding this enjoyable? Or edifying?