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I think you are reading the wrong clue.

31-down: パズルに夢中で勉強が、の場合は上に「お」がつく - I read this as “When you’re too absorbed in the puzzle to study, this will have 「お」 attached”. Which is to say 留守, which becomes 留守 when you’re neglecting your studies.

What interpretation results in ルビ being the answer?

Oh I see. When you put お留守 I thought you were quoting the clue, so I wondered if you were reading a different clue. I suppose I read that wrong, I read 上に as “attached above” (I forgot that it also has the “before” definition) so I figured ルビ fit.

37-down オイコミ
Which makes 16-across モノホシザオ

21-across モクゲキ
29-across コヨミ
30-across ヤスリ
32-across シコ
34-across ギキ
25-down クク (I can see how that makes sense)
29-down コゲチャ
32-down ショキ
33-down スギ
38-down キリキリマイ

I’m seriously tapped out on the rest. I can’t see anything that makes sense for 5-down (if 5 and 6 across are correct) nor 7-across (if 26-down is correct).

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Think ミキ/スミ works better. :slightly_smiling_face:

Biggest issue with 5-down is that it’s gonna be some kind of sumo technical term. And after a bit of Wikipedia research, 幕下 ranked wrestlers fight seven times in a tournament, so one who’s won four times has more wins than losses, or in other words, カチコシ.

Makes 6-across チチ, though I don’t entirely see why.

7-across シドロモドロ
15-down クロ
19-down ドギモ, because 度肝を抜く is a synonym for 驚く

And that’s done. Gonna have to draw up the finished grid in the morning, because it’s too late at night now…


Next puzzle!

Kick us off with…

1-down ソウソフ
2-across ウミ, I guess, but working the obvious “wind” theme in to that clue is a bit laboured…

18-down ウォン (?)

7-across リンカン
1-across ソヨカゼ, I guess
Though that makes 8-down ヨミ, which I don’t really get.
14-down ゼイム
11-across ツムジカゼ
11-down ツキ - 月に叢雲花に風 is apparently an expression meaning it’s easy for problems to interfere with good things (i.e. clouds block the moon, the wind scatters petals)
27-down ゼヒ

There’s too many clues that are some variant on 吹き荒れます. We might need a thesaurus for this one…

24-across ゼッケン
31-across たつ (辰)

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Oh, hey. Long time no see. :slightly_smiling_face:

I picked up the book a while ago to get back into it, and immediately spotted a clue that should have been obvious from the start, but I was a bit distracted by packing up to move house, so I put it down again.

20-down アジサイ
15-across イアイ
34-across, turns out お勝手 is an older colloqualism for 台所, so both of them mean キッチン

@Kazzeon The link to the spreadsheet doesn’t seem to be working. Have you still got it? I never made a backup…

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I don’t have it in my spreadsheet archive, unfortunately. /:

Alrighty, I’ve recreated the spreadsheet. Link’s in the OP. Maybe someday I’ll go back and write up the earlier puzzles.

In the meantime, back to work on this one.

As for some answers, maybe…

3-across フブキ
9-down ブリザード

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1: かかし
2: フガク
3: ジンタ
4: ブレークスルー
6: ランプ
8: ヤニワ
9: ラソツ
11: クツワ
12: ナマズ
15: ムミ

1: カリフ
3: ジャブ
5: ガラン
7: シャクンタラー
13: ホツス
14: マムシ
16: ワイズミュラー


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That seemed straightforward enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant to have a look over myself, but I’ve been a bit distracted this week.

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Don’t worry, I bought a crossword magazine and I am planning to scan more…
There are a couple of nice prices to win.
I also had a look at a Kanji puzzle magazine but it looks very difficult.

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I’ve really gotta get around to finishing my book too.

Oof, it’s been three and a half years since I started this thread…



Safe play.

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Oof, that was close. I have a bit of a monthly ritual of going “oh, my thread might lock soon, I’d better get back to solving crosswords”, then I check the thread and I go “ah, still months to go, I’ll work on the crossword next week” and then completely forget.

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