Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Ah, I didn’t know that!

We did it, everyone! :tada:


Huh, TIL. Had no idea that it could mean other things beside a jacket you wear.

リサイタル (38) :wink:

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Shall I post the next? There’s fifty-four in this book. :slightly_smiling_face:

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YES! This is tons of fun and great practice.

Here you go, enjoy. Hoping it’s still large enough to be legible. It’s bedtime for me, though - just passed midnight. :slightly_smiling_face:

16-across - ジショウジ, perhaps?


1 across シュウハ
9 down ユメ
17 down ハッポウシュ
18 across ツバ
2 across ヨメ

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This doesn’t fit

RIght, my bad.

34 across is マウイ.
26 across is コウキョ, I think

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36 down キカ

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Ok, not sure about ショウガクセイ
4 across is probably カヤ

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Does egg yolk have lots of calcium? If so 13 down could be キミ (黄味).

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アカ is my guess on 39 down.

The shell カラ is made of calcium

Ah… Oh well.

Suddenly ocurred to me as I was brushing my teeth that plain old ギンカクジ also fits for 16-across. Possibly something to keep in mind.

(Basically, Jishou-ji is the real name of Ginkaku-ji, “Temple of the Silver Pavilion”, which is not at all silver. That clue just happened to catch my eye as I was checking the uploaded images for legibility. :stuck_out_tongue:)


19 across ユキ
28 across コクゴ

14 down サド
14 across サポーター ?