Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

パッション. One of the earliest words I worked out, way back in July. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s on the grid I posted most recently, and the Google spreadsheet.

Right so then this can’t be right because the last space of 23-across with be ツ
not ウ

Ah, no, that was a typo in my post. Should be シマツ. As in 始末, I think.

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For the remaining answers I’m leaning towards

28-down マジ
29-across ジショ

which leaves
37-down ヨウ

I can see how 28 and 29 could make sense. But I haven’t been able to pinpoint 37. It seems to have something to do with the cardinal directions.

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え?マジですか? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, of course.

I figure it’s - the primary definition is “Occident and Orient”, which is to say, East and West. (Or, I guess, West and East.)

Nice job. Gonna have to round this off in the morning, though.


Ok, here we go. Just two small errors, which I’ve marked in red.

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Next puzzle!

First random guesses:
29-across バリトン
17-across …ニセンゴネン? Not a huge fan of that


7-across トドウフケン
38-across コゴ
29-down バンチ?
37-down オトコユ?
40-down ユウビンバンゴウ

Gah. That’s why those numbers rang a bell.

7-down トカ
11-down ヒドウ
8-across カウチ
15-across ツキヨ
11-across ヒトヨ *
20-down キョフ
14-down イットウチ I guess, but that feels a little… unprofessional
33-across could be アオバ, but I wonder if that’s more a Spring thing.

*I had to Google this one. There’s a standard goroawase for the digits of root-2 - it’s ひとよ ひとよに ひとみごろ

Edit: More words!

32-down ハアリ
23-across シラハ
19-across オウム
18-down シオ
22-down ジュウショ
22-across ジショ
27-across クチク
30-down ホウチョウ
31-across ウノウ (not sure I really get it, though)
30-across ホカク (not to clear on what tigers have do with it, but this did come up when I googled)
34-down カソク
39-down クン
17-across シチョウソン (should have worked that one out when we got 7-across)

3-across probably starts with ウ, based on the super secret magic word. I’m pretty sure that the only things that’ll fit シンク_カン are ウ or ン, and the latter can’t be the first character of 3-across.

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I had アオバ but I wasn’t confident in it enough to post it.

1-down ジュウミンヒョウ (?)
16-down イシキ
26-down ヨクし
5-across ヒフ (?)
17-across シチョウソン

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1-across ジャガイモ
(Makes 21-down モチ… I don’t get it)
9-down ヤキソバ
3-across ウソナキ
12-down ナエギ
(Makes 4-across ミバエ… I don’t get this either)
6-across ヨウイ
36-across コビ
25-across イチリュウ

And, uh… that’s done.

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There were a bunch I didn’t get in this one. I was going to post ジャガイモ but my class started. I couldn’t figure out why モチ was the answer either.

This has to be the fastest we’ve completed a puzzle.

have (very) intermittently been lurking this thread since way back.

I have way less vocab than probably ideal for doing these, but hoping I can spend some time musing over the next one. On this puzzle, managed to guess 1-down (likely because recently have been spending way more time than wanted at the 区役所 heh).

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Well, with just you and I, anyway. The very first puzzle was solved in four hours. The second one took three. :slightly_smiling_face:

Moving on:

9-across ルマン
8-across ミヤデラ
15-down デンシ
16-across シングルベッド

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6-across スパイ
12-down パジャマ

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19-across コタツ ?
29-across ヒタイ

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How do you figure? Pretty sure 名怪盗 is an individual. Like… ルパン

7-across アジ
Then 5-down カルアミルク

23-across キカ
25-down マジカル… I guess?
37-down マイルド
34-across ネマ
35-across … シル? That feels… rather charitable, though it does make 33-down end in シツ, which is plausible.

Just a tentative guess. Go with ルパン lol

I thought this but I couldn’t figure out what this had to do with Arabic.

Kahlua is made with arabica coffee, though that’s pretty much all I’ve got.

Though, Arabic for coffee is “qahwah”, so there’s that. Neither I nor Jisho have heard of カルアミルク, and Wikipedia thinks it’s カルーア・ミルク, sooo…

You’ve never heard of Kahlua Milk? You’ve never had the cocktail Kahlua Milk? Wow.

Well, no. And certainly not in Japanese.

In, fact, here. I’ve made a list of all the cocktails I’ve never drunk.