Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Why? Like, what do the words in the clue mean?

Think you’re over-thinking this one - グラブ works just fine, and has the added advantage of making 3-across ラブ

2-across クライマックス
(which makes 27-down アス)
29-across クルマ? Because there aren’t any trains?
32-down リサイクル
(which makes 28-across タサン)
25-across ガラクタ
35-down タマムシイロ (I don’t really get it, but it fits)
(which makes 33-across コシ)

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Words in the clue didn’t mean much. The answer was in the page you referenced. :grin:

ひさかたの 日・空など天体に関する語にかかる枕詞(まくらことば

edit: 16 across ワカイ
19 down フツカヨイ

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Ah, whoops, I forgot to come back to this. Just a few boxes left empty.

20-across イサカイ
18-across ブドウ… I guess?

That’s everything done, in any case. Gonna have to wrap things up in the morning, though.

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3-across テン? Or maybe チュ?
31-across アネ?
31-down …アリ?

I can tell this is gonna be another slow crossword. :stuck_out_tongue:

22-across イヤリング
39-down グリップ
36-across キリ
35-down ネンキン
32-across パンツ
32-down パッション
27-down ヤド
18-across カマド

A crosslink to the crossword thread.
Also, I’ve discovered an app on the Play Store full of Japanese crosswords, if anyone’s interested.


Here is the same app in the Apple store. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just downloaded the app. Wow, I do not speak Japanese well enough for this. But it’s a nice challenge.

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Aye, I discovered the same with my paper book. It’s like, even if I can read the clue, I still need to know the answer. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Anyone have any tips on 「海苔巻きの具の定番」? Five characters, likely starts with カン.

I misunderstood the clue, thought it was something used to make norimaki. It’s something that’s in norimaki.

Try the across clue in the third row. My tip for that one: don’t overthink it.

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I’m only missing the bottom right six slots now :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Oh let’s resurrect the crossword thread on the hard puzzle. :exploding_head:

That being said

11-across ソウビ(?)
15-across シュワ
26-across クチゲンカ
31-across アネ
38-across ワニ
18-down カユ
19-down ビン (?)
24-down テイショク
31-down アリ
34-down アゲ
38-down ワイン
40-down シンニチか

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アネ. It’s 妹のライバル not 弟の. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wait, lemme draw up the in-progress grid. Been a while since I did this last…

Well I’m glad you’re familiar with the various types of rice porrige, because I wouldn’t have had the foggiest idea.

yea that’s what i meant lol

and okayu is surprisingly delicious for being nothing but watery rice.

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AWS image host seems to be borked right now, so in-progress grid will have to wait.

In the meantime:

15-down ショウグン
16-across グンテ (it’s a pun…)

Edit: Here we go

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There are several missing. Scroll back up to my list. lol I had kept adding why you were putting that together.

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Oh, sneaky. Here’s a new grid. I’ve also updated the Google sheet.

So, I see that 26- and 38-across are the only things they can be given the cross letters, but I’m not too clear as to why.

More words!

33-across ヨウシ
8-across ダツイジョ
13-across ヒナ
(17-down イナ)
12-down キミツヒ

I’m going away this week. I’ll be taking my book with me, but I’d be surprised if I got the time to look at it.

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6-across ヨキン
7-across ウミ
20-across ハシカ
25-across サカ
5-down チョウダ
20-down ハジ
30-down イサン

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I like that you’re still enthusiastic about this. :slightly_smiling_face: I just wish others were a bit, too…

1-across ラッカセイ. Cause of the narrow waist, ya know. And honestly thought “peanuts” was ピーナッツ in Japanese. Though, I guess it’s that too. But the point is,
14-down カズ
21-down イイマワシ
2-across クイズ
Making 9-across ツイン, which in hindsight should have been obvious
1-down ラクテンカ
10-down キソ
Makes 4-across シキョ, I guess, but I only kinda get it
And whoever guessed ソウビ for 11-across was correct.

That leaves four empty boxes. Four clues.

Edit: Actually, the super secret magic word can only be マンネンヒツ, which makes 23-across シマウ