Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Hmm… Does ツ=ッ? Because ジャケット could work with シカケ

The letters could fit, but it doesn’t really match with the word description. I really have no idea what the word could be.

Yeah, ok, I peeked. ジャケット is correct.

The fact that ツ and ッ could be equivalent never ocurred to me - one of the rules of Japanese crosswords, I guess. Possibly the ー which is behaving as a long ウ in メニュー but a long イ in シール should possibly have tipped me off.


In other crosswords and word searches I’ve seen, regular sized kana are used for everything, so yes.


ジャケット is also the cardboard sleeve in which you store records. As in, LPs.


Ah, I didn’t know that!

We did it, everyone! :tada:


Huh, TIL. Had no idea that it could mean other things beside a jacket you wear.

リサイタル (38) :wink:

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Shall I post the next? There’s fifty-four in this book. :slightly_smiling_face:

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YES! This is tons of fun and great practice.

Here you go, enjoy. Hoping it’s still large enough to be legible. It’s bedtime for me, though - just passed midnight. :slightly_smiling_face:

16-across - ジショウジ, perhaps?


1 across シュウハ
9 down ユメ
17 down ハッポウシュ
18 across ツバ
2 across ヨメ

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This doesn’t fit

RIght, my bad.

34 across is マウイ.
26 across is コウキョ, I think

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36 down キカ

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Ok, not sure about ショウガクセイ
4 across is probably カヤ

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Does egg yolk have lots of calcium? If so 13 down could be キミ (黄味).

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アカ is my guess on 39 down.

The shell カラ is made of calcium