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Hah, no. I guess I mistyped. It’s オオアメ.

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15-across ハトバ

17-down サト
36-down モクズ


Ahh, I missed where you said 33-across was incorrect.

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Ah, I think I was already considering サト for 17-down, but I wasn’t in the slightest bit confident.

24-across is コワレモノ, which seems kinda obvious to me now, but I think perhaps I was reading the 扱って in the clue as 吸って, which makes 22-down ジュウバコ
40-down could thus be ノコギリ, but I feel like there’s a pun here I’m not quite getting
Google is suggesting 29-down is ワタ (さんまのわた appears to be fish guts), though that makes 30-across タイ, which I don’t really get

That just leaves 36-down, and its associated cross words.

I was looking at ジュウバコ for 22-down but couldn’t confirm 24-across

How about
36-down コイモ
which then makes 36-across コエ

And also 33-across バイ, which… probably should have been obvious.

And done.

Sure goes fast when we actually work on it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Next puzzle! Any new faces out there watching, don’t hesitate to join in. :smiley:

This one looks a little complex - the first puzzle in the book so far where they’ve massaged the clues to get them all exactly the same length, which could mean we’re in for some non-standard abbreviations or classical terminology, perhaps? That tends to be what happens for “massaged” English crosswords, in any case.

First one that catches my eye: 14-across. I’m thinking エイゴ? :slightly_smiling_face:


22 across うま?


Oh yes, that certainly fits.

And 30-down could be ローマジ


28-> しお? Yeah?


36 across (回転)ずし (すし?)


Is 7-across just さら? It says it’s 一番左下. :thinking:
But let’s just wait on that one. :sweat_smile:

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Probably すし, yeah. I don’t think it’d use the rendaku if it’s by itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

30-across: What’s the 部位 (cut of meat) that 次ぐs (comes after) カルビ in 焼肉? :dizzy_face:

9-down: Perhaps でんしゃ? (Never mind, I forget how this things work, it doesn’t fit)

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1-down コメディー(?)
18-down イテ

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33-down: 完 (カン)
That’s it for me. :joy:

I was thinking, how about something like this:
to have somewhere we can all solve it and see changes and stuff. :eyes:


33-across カサ
25-across ロマンス
24-down シロクマ
29-down マリ
31-across ジマク

Perhaps 38-down: アクション?

I was about to suggest it myself :smile:

37-down サスペンス?
34-across ホン

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30-across, ロース?
21-down: 黄金時代 オウゴンジダイ
17-across: しおくり?

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20-across スタントマン
34-down ホール
9-across カーテンコール

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