Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Gah, 25 days since the last post. I keep meaning to come back to this, but I never have any more idea what the answers might be than I did the last time I looked…

I’ve been stumped too. I think there might be a wrong answer somewhere.

Well, I can check what we’ve got against the answers, but I’m kinda not sure I want to do that until we’re really ready to throw in the towel.

Guess we have been at this for a month.

Ok, so now the fuss is dying down a bit on the Durtle Heaven puzzle, do we want to throw in the towel on this crossword and start the next?

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Yea let’s do it. Start fresh. There’s a blunder somewhere in there I’m sure of it.

Most of what we got was correct. Now just gotta check to see if we understand the rest.

Though, between this puzzle and Durtle Heaven, I’m feeling like my confidence is pretty much sapped…

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The durtle heaven thing has less to do with kanji knowledge and more to do with convoluted overly complicated ciphers and keyboard codes. I think the fun has dissipated until a die-hard breaks into the next level and re-sparks everyone’s interest.

Wow from my board on this side, it looks like only two were wrong (4 down and 24 across). I’d say that’s pretty good.

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1-across オサナナジミ

I can think of many words that’d fit 8-down, but can’t think of any reason why Tokyo and Nagasaki are being singled out in particular…

3-across オカン (?)
3-across メッセージ
14-across パグ
21-across コウネツヒ
23-across ユカタ
27-across チコク
32-across ジスイ
33-across くく
35-across ノブ

1-down オオアメ
13-down ナンパセン
15-down ラクゴカ
16-down グー
25-down カベ (?)
26-down ミウチ
31-down ネコジタ
35-down ノックス
38-down ブヒ

Ah, nice. I should have gotten 16-down, but I didn’t spot the clue in my first glance over the puzzle. :stuck_out_tongue: I confess I’m not a huge fan of ラクゴカ for 15-down, simply because the word is pretty much written in the clue. Though, to be fair, 35-down is in the clue too…

10-down ミン (they’re dynasties of China)
9-down ツミレ
4-across ソレ (I think. Pretty sure I’ve read about the “それ、それ” phone scam somewhere)
39-down イリエ (he said, a little bit tentatively)
6-down ハモ
7-across モシ
6-across ハダカウマ
18-down ユウヒ
12-across カシュ (took me far too long to work out what ロパク meant - but that’s not a katakana ろ, that’s a kanji くち)


10-across perhaps? 笑

Ok, well it looks like ハナシカ is another word for ラクゴカ and it fits your 6 and 12 across…so…

15-down ハナシカ

5-across ケアナ
11- down アカダシ
25-down マト (?)

If that’s correct, then 19-across could be ヒトリグラシ

Also, I misremembered about the それ、それ scam. It’s オレ. Man calls the elderly and go “it’s me, I just need some money” - elderly assumes “me” is a male descendent of theirs and gives them the money.

Point is, 4-down is オバケ

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17-across サウナ (which makes 28-down カナ)

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Alright. Time to dust this off again, two months later.

Wonder if we need an infusion of fresh blood. Or a re-infusion of old blood…

(Mind you, I’m pretty sure people are still reading this thread - occasionally I get a “nice share” badge from the OP…)

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We’ve gotta get our head back in the game.


So, I was thinking 33-down might be ジャガイモ, but I cheated and peeked, and it’s バレイショ. I was close, but honestly, I would never have thought of that. Either way, 33-across is incorrect.

19-across is ヒトリヨガリ
Could 34-across maybe be シタギ? Makes 37-down タガ, which works, I think…

I also discovered I missed オカン in two-across when I filled in the grid.


Is 1-down correct? オオオメ?

It’s been 2 months. I think it was ok to peek.

Hah, no. I guess I mistyped. It’s オオアメ.

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15-across ハトバ

17-down サト
36-down モクズ


Ahh, I missed where you said 33-across was incorrect.

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Ah, I think I was already considering サト for 17-down, but I wasn’t in the slightest bit confident.

24-across is コワレモノ, which seems kinda obvious to me now, but I think perhaps I was reading the 扱って in the clue as 吸って, which makes 22-down ジュウバコ
40-down could thus be ノコギリ, but I feel like there’s a pun here I’m not quite getting
Google is suggesting 29-down is ワタ (さんまのわた appears to be fish guts), though that makes 30-across タイ, which I don’t really get

That just leaves 36-down, and its associated cross words.