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Can you please share some info on the crossword book? I’m going to do an online order to Japan soon and I’m considering trying to pick some for me and some friends.

It’s called いつでもクロスワード, though this particular book is volume 2. Published by nikoli.

To be precise, this one. Looks like there’s already ten books in the series. And this one was published in 2004. Whew.

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4-across イマ
10-across グリコーゲン
19-across イソ

28-down ゲキレツ or ゲキトツ

Aha. We have an answer at last. Wonder why my dictionary searches weren’t turning up anything.

I just said that. :stuck_out_tongue: Lemme make a filled-in grid…

16-down オオトロ
8-across カツオ I think - mostly want to say that so that:
7-down ミカン
1-across could be モミジオロシ, though that makes 11-down ジツ, and I’m not clear why that works.
25-down シノ and 26-across ノウ both work, though.

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you missed 24-across スキ on the grid :wink:

It’s funny, I’ve had mikan and katsuo on my grid just never typed them in lol

29-across とろろ which makes 34 down ロシ
13-across ヤマトイモ
33-across ハモノ

2-down ホタテガイ making 2-across 本 which I’ve thought all along but couldn’t make it fit
27-down ツガイ
32-down モハン
40-down アミノサン

… I knew that. I was making sure you were paying attention. :stuck_out_tongue:

I pondered that, but wasn’t entriely sure how it related to the clue…

Oh, of course. コーヒーと油…

I guess it’s definition 2?

Whoa, that’s everything finished all of a sudden. Checked over the answers, and I made one mistake: 6-across is not タイ, but タラ. Honestly don’t think that matters, though - both are white-fleshed fish used in chirinabe, though I guess only タラ is a winter specialty, perhaps?

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I was thinking definition 1. The crosswords are in a book aren’t they? So to read that question and these puzzles you are looking at a book right now.

… Oh. Ohhh.

I read that clue as being much more figurative than it actually was. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Next puzzle!

This one is… kinda odd. I confess I’m not even sure where to start.


Nice, a fresh start.
I’ve been pretty focused on N4 and work lately, so I’ll see if I can do something on this one.
Although it does look a little harder than usual. :sweat_smile:

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It looks to me like it’s 100% cultural references, or something. Like, why all the speech marks?

Ok, I had a peek at the answers so I’d at least have some idea of the form this puzzle takes. 1-across is プロポーズ. And some to think of it, I do seem to recall watching an anime or drama in which someone proposes exactly like this.

Though, I’m not entirely sure if that helps any…

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Now that I think about it, it is common. Basically eat their handmade food for the rest of their life.

3-across トクイビ (apparently 11/3 is a national holiday and statistically the clearest day of the year in Japan)
14-across テキシャ
21-across ボイコット
22-across テキジ (?)
26-across クリンチ
28-across ゲキム
33-across モン
34-across フク

1-down プリント
13-down ポジティブ
17-down キビ
20-down ズボシ
25-down イキャクキン
28-down ゲコ
29-down リジ (?)
32-down キツモン
36-down ムトンチャク


Ok, knowing the solutions, I can see how they relate to the clues. But how on Earth did you work those out to begin with?

Well for トクイビ I started out by looking up 11/3 to see if it was a Japanese holiday since the clue noted that date particularly. Then I read that it was statistically the clearest, which coincided with the clue.

I got プリント first off of 1-across and worked off of that.


Oh, they’ve multiplied since I saw them last.

With those letters in place, here’s my additions:

9-down ロン (it’s a mah jong term) which makes 2-across リンジ
22-down シカト - the word comes from the deer on the “autumn leaves” hanafuda card. This makes 22-across シキジ… not completely sure I get that.
18-across ジカン
10-down クウキ, which makes 11-across ウブ
4-across ユキ, I guess?

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I thought 2-across was リンジ but I couldn’t make ロン make sense enough to go with it.

ロン is what happens when you win off someone else’s discard. :slightly_smiling_face:

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6-across ウブ (if 4-down is correct.)

4-down ユウトウセイ (?)

I’m trying to work off of these two to confirm.