Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Because it was one of the first words, and for the spaces, ブドウ and 赤い also fit.
It being just wine felt too easy.

Important part in a plan? .-.

It wasn’t exactly my plan, but once the letters start dropping, it’s pretty hard to stop solving.

I get the word, but I didn’t know it had anything to do with salmon and cod roe.

I noticed that that word fit in the place, but I don’t see how it has anything to do with あゆみ, thought it’d be something to do with 歩.

I thought it would have something to do with string instruments, since 張り is tension, and it says that it’d give a weak sound otherwise. Also, the fact that whatever letter goes there doesn’t matter, doesn’t help in making sure it’s the correct one when you’re solving this. :joy:

クリカエシ, but yeah.

I didn’t understand the clue completely, but figured it’d be a type of 天気.

Am I missing something here? :joy: Something used when going out?

Figured that’d be the word, but what’s it got to do with 地図?

Would’ve never gotten it.


Oh my god, is it hemorrhoids? Otherwise I don’t get what is the feeling that makes you want to leave your position.

I read that as being 酒. As in, tarako and umeboshi are both bar snacks.

Yeah, I know, but if it fits, it sits. Maybe it’s to do with the “progress” definition.

Possibly what you’re missing is that the first kanji is not 出 but 山. :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea.

Clearly you gotta read up on your chicken breeds. :stuck_out_tongue: (Honestly, I just searched Jisho for ??も and scrolled until one sounded right.)

Uh, ew? It’s 辞意 - a feeling like you want to leave your position.

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Frigg x2. I went for the two fish.

Frigg x3. You’re right. :joy:

Hey, that’s cheating! (I didn’t know you could do that :eyes:)

Aaaaaaaaaah, my brain stopped working there, and thought it was ジィ, even though that makes no sense. :joy:

Can we get the finished product? :star_struck:

I’ll, uh… I’ll also try not to finish it by myself next time.

Holy crap, I go away for a weekend and you guys knock out a full puzzle? The other one took months lol

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Forgot to mention: super secret magic word is セキゾウ.

Go ahead if you want. We’re still only on page twenty-four, out of a hundred and twenty-four. :slightly_smiling_face:

Many hands make light work. By which I probably mean that @Kazzeon is some kind of octopus.


Puzzle number 11:

I’d like to say 35-down is ドル, though at the moment 109.91 JPY is only 0.98 USD. Think 21-across is ラクダ and 26-down クキ, but I’m less confident.

Reckon 30 across is some word meaning “gold”, but none of them seem to work.

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If you can, go for it.

36-across ハム
31-down シェイカー (or シェーカー, but Wikipedia primarily uses the former, so I’ll pencil that one in)
24-across バター
29-down タコ

27-down is some kind of surgeon, I’m sure, but I can’t find a word that fits…

1-across references Takuboku Ishikawa, who was born in Hinoto-mura in Iwate Prefecture, though I confess I’m not completely sure what the clue is asking.

Could 25 across be ウイスキー?

It fits with 23 down being 背番号 セバンゴウ. (I had to look up the term for this)

edit: I agree with you on ラクダ (and バター…) I gotta check if something’s solved before trying w

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Undoubtedly. I so wanted 33-down to be ワニ, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some more that jumped out at me:

34-down サン
20-down バラライカ
17-across ヒラキ
17-down ヒメ (not overly confident of either of those)

22-across is カゲエ, and I want to then say 27-down is ゲカ, but that makes 28-across カイド, and I’m not clear as to how that works.

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8-across エカキ
12-down ユビ (?)
16-across フタゴ
16-down ブキ
18-down ハナ
19-across ブンコ
19-down ブタ
28-across カード
35-down ドル

These don’t mesh - フ and ブ aren’t equivalent. I confess, I’m a bit unsure of your suggestion for 8-across too, which is what lead to your answer for 16-down. Unless I’m misreading, the clue is “watercolours and oil paintings are here”, but your answer is “artist”.

While we’re on the subject, what does the clue for 16-across even mean? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, of course. I’d completely forgotten mentioning that 31-down could be シェーカー as well as シェイカー…

16-down フウ as in 封?
8-across ガロウ

but then I have trouble solving 5-down if it’s supposed to end in が… Don’t see how the answer could be anything but some type of gallery though.


7-across モリ (very unsure about this but 木を見て森を見ず works fine… I actually don’t see what else it could be, 5-down has just given me a lot of grief… maybe it’s something less literal related to the act of missing the bigger picture since it’s not a fill in the blank clue)
14-down ヨウギシャ ? Or maybe I’m wrong. Would 犯人と決まって result in an accused or a sentenced? And maybe I’m misinterpreting this, since I don’t get the use of と. Plus then it made solving 6-across more problematic.

Oops ya I messed up on that one. I think 16-across フタゴ is right though.

28-across カード as in credit card “Will this be cash or ____?” was the clue

“Let’s let the responsibility of judging be on the person who has the license.” Is what I gathered.

It says “[someone} has watercolors and oil colors” so artist/painter seemed appropriate.

That’s 16-down. Talking about the across clue - そっくりだったりしますね

That said, maybe 16-down is フグ (i.e. the “to handle meat” definition of さばく)

Ooo, that could make 8-across エノグ

I’m not entirely sure “someone” is implied. I was pondering maybe an art gallery or a studio or something. Perhaps I’m just in the wrong frame of mind.

I’m having trouble with 5-down anyway. What do schools do on the first of June and October?

Aye, that was my thought too, but I wasn’t confident enough to write it in.

That’d make 14-across ヨメイ, which is… at least plausible.

Edit: Ah, I’ve worked out what schools do in June and October: they change their uniforms. コロモガエ

So, to summarise:
5-down コロモガエ
8-across エノグ
16-down フグ

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Due to 23 down, 16 across ended in ゴ - そっくりis often used to say sometone looks exactly like someone else. Since ゴ was there I immediately thought of twins.

フグ makes a lot of sense because you have to have a license in Japan to prepare フグ

Finally! Time for puzzles, let’s see what I can do. :eyes:

this is an excellent thread!!!
I will try and get some

You have almost the exact same avatar as someone else in this thread, so I got confused. :joy:

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