Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

Ok, here’s the remaining answers. Still, we got the secret magic word, so that counts as a win, in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue: Think the first think to do is to make sure we understand why those are the answers (though I reckon that for several of them, the only reason we didn’t get it was because there were about umpteen possibilities in the dictionary and we couldn’t narrow them down at all).

7-across appears to be someone’s name, only without the dakuten. Not sure how we were gonna get that.
11-down, I think I’d hypothesised 生醤油 as a possible answer, but I think that was only because it fitted the cross words, and I’m not clear as it how it fits the clue.
Don’t get 37-across or -down at all.
29 was pretty much what I expected, but there were several similar options so I wasn’t certain
I feel like 28-down is a theatrical technical term…
12-across, I am completely perplexed.

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