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Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about スイソ, but after checking the periodic table in Japanese, it was the only element I could find that fit with スxソ. I’m not sure about what makes it lewd, though.

13 across is only a guess at this point. 追悼 means “mourning”, so I thought it fit pretty well. Plus, it makes 20 down ハト, often seen around train stations and parks.

Also, I’m guessing that 36 down is ユーカリ.

Whoops. I somehow read it as ツイドウ which means “tunnel”. Never mind me.

Aww, now I’m annoyed at myself. I figured the answer was eucalyptus, but I was expecting that’d be ユーカリプツ… or something, which is too long. Never thought to actually try looking it up.

You ever stare at a crossword forever with not the slightest idea, and then suddenly one clue just jumps out and hits you in the nose?

21-across is obviously ユカタ

That means 24-down has to be ゴウリカ, because it’s the only word in the dictionary that fits. Then I guess 25-across is リスナー. And you can practically see my confidence fading away…

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I got some more

9 across - ウチアゲハナビ
17 across - コキ
21 down - ユキゲシキ
26 down - ハケ
34 down - キビダンゴ
28 down - スタミナ (?)
35 across - ダシ

Whoa. There’s some kind of etymological story here behind 還暦, 古希 and 傘寿 that I’m suddenly interested in learning.

Yeah, I was leaning towards スタミナ as well, but I wasn’t certain. However, that makes 29-across ミキリ, which works perfectly. 見切り発車.

That’s pretty impressive. You managed to get a fair segment of the grid done.

I guess タカナ works for 32-down - I don’t really know anything about what they eat in Fukuoka, but it makes 33-across カユ, which makes sense.

After taking a break for a few days, I finally tried making some progress! I think most of the ones I filled in are correct, but I’m really in doubt about テンゴク.

For 5 across I’m considering both カシツ and タシツ, but for all I know they could both be wrong.

Oh, nice.

Finally had a chance to look over your answers, and see what new ideas they would spark.

37-down: シュクダイ. Having flashbacks of Endless Eight, here. I think I figured that when I first saw the clue, but the word just wasn’t coming to me.
30-across: インユ
30-down: インドア
31-across: No idea, but maybe アクイ
5-down: カラクチ

And done. Quick glance at the answers page for verification, and it looks like everything is correct. :smiley:

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Whoops. Been a while since I posted a crossword. Kinda meant to post this before the weekend started, too. Here’s the next, in any case. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve really gotta figure out the knack of holding the book flat enough one-handed so that I can take clear photos…

First answers:
30-across タワー
34-across トウ (and it’s kind of ironic that a Japanese tower has a Western name while a Western tower has a Japanese name)
36-across シー
35-down ワガシ

12-down スイス
32-down スカート

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Ooo, another person. I’m not alone! Welcome! :smiley:

I actually managed to work out a bunch through the middle of the puzzle, but I’ve left my book at home, so I can’t recall exactly what they were. 21-down is ハレースイセイ, and 18-across is アーク, but I’m fairly sure I had more than that…

Edit: Here we are:

13-across is スフレ (tentatively)
21-across is ハンシ
31-down is イズ

Wonder if I need to learn the lost art of typing the answers on the photo of the grid so I can post it here…

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1-across すし
11-across さんそ
15-across みなと (?)
24-across あんず
33-across から
11-down サー
16-down はな

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26-down カー(?) I’m not sure how the logic goes but cable car fits

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Yeah, I can’t figure out what both Hakodate and Nagasaki are famous for either. They are both major ports, but since みなと doesn’t fit, I wasn’t so sure. They also both suffered city-destroying fires - Hakodate in 1903 and Nagasaki in 1663 - but while かさい does fit, I’m not entirely certain that’s what the cities are famous for.

Nice. You know your botany. :slightly_smiling_face:

So does “baby car” and “sports car”, is the logic. I’m… not sure how I failed to spot that. Maybe I did, except I tried to write it on the wrong space in the grid, so it didn’t fit.

Having スシ in 1-across has given me a brainwave for 1-down: it’s スイリョクハツデン. And 5-across is ハッポウスチロール. Then I guess 17-down is ファウル.

And with such long words on the grid, I’m pretty much gonna have to fill it in so everyone can see.


9 Down シッケ
3accross リケイ

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23-down ファン

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What do those words mean?

29-down いたい(?)


The answers are written into the crossword in katakana, but if you search for them like that in the dictionary, you probably won’t find them.

Answers are always nouns, I’m pretty sure. Ah, but イタミ allows 26-across to be カミガタ.

2-across is イッスン, because 一寸先は闇 is a saying in Japanese.
16-down thus has to be ラン - more specifically than both being flowers, both are orchids. :slightly_smiling_face:
16-across is ライフライン

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I had a sit-down to see what else I could hammer out, and wound up accidentally finishing the puzzle. I confess I don’t quite get the logic of one or two, but they fit, sooo…

In rough order of solving:

7-across デンキ
14-down キャンプ (and considering how much I love Yuru Camp, that should have sprung to mind sooner)
15-across ヤケイ (annoyingly, the fact that Hakodate is famous for it’s night views was mentioned in the Wikipedia article I was reading for research. Didn’t occur to me to check if Nagasaki was too)
20-down ケソウ
8-across ロープウェー
10-down セッケン (Still not entirely sure what “paper soap” is). This automatically makes 4-across クセ and 6-across ツケ, and honestly, I don’t understand either of them.
25-down クチベタ, which makes 19-across ルイベ and 22-across セタイ.
28-across ヤスネ, which makes 27-down ランシャ
And left until last because I can’t really see how it fits the clue at all, 37-down ミネラルウォーター

And so the secret magic word is プラス

And here’s the completed grid:

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well done.

Yea I don’t understand the reason behind several of those.

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13-down フユ
21-down ジュウ
34-across チカラ