Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

I’m not quite sure I get the clue - there’s clearly some manner of pun going on here. Please explain?

Oh, of course. That one’s obvious in hindsight…

Yeah, I don’t really have any idea. I do like ハナビ, but yeah, that causes issues for 23-across. I was trying to get more clues by solving 40-down, but the answer to that completely eludes me.

Your answers have, however, given me the inspiration for these:
2-across ユキダルマ
12-down ハダ
13-down タイ
9-down キドウタイ (which completes 10-across as タイマ and 5-across as チイ)
1-down シュウト (which completes 3-across as ウド, and I never would have guessed that)

Which is the top-left done.

For those playing at home who are losing track of what’s done and what’s not, here’s my terrible handwritten version of the grid. Hope it’s legible.