Solving Crosswords for Fun and Profit

I guess ヒナイドリ makes 24 down ドア?

Edit: 28 down is チェリー, 29 across is エデン. Marble cake seems right, so マーブル. That would make 24 down ドマ. Looking at Jisho, that would indeed fit the question, though it’s more witty than I’d expected.


Pretty sure 15-down is キセツフウ.
Then 16-across is セツド
17-across is フウフ
12-across is コウラクチ
20-down is ウラナイ
22-down is コドモフク

Though so far I’m thoroughly uncertain on the remaining 2-across (ク?ス) 8-across (イビツ maybe?) and 33-down (リ?ン?ル)

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