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I think 13-across is ヒナイドリ, but not completely certain on that point. (Edit: Which, coupled with アリーナ would make 18-down ナナ as hypothesised…)

And yeah, I was thinking 3-across should be ウタ

Aha. 4-down is ベイエリア

According to my research, the prefecture’s bird is ヤマドリ, but an alternate name is サンチョウ… Japanese Dictionary

Where does ヒナイドリ come from?

It’s not the prefecture’s bird, it’s a breed of chicken which is a natural monument in Akita Prefecture. I was only able to find the name obliquely through Google, which is why I’m not certain about it.

Yeah, I just checked it out. I figured the prefecture’s bird would also be under the same circumstance, but Hinaidori definitely fits way better. Jisho confirms its nativeness to Akita, so that’s good enough, right?

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I feel like I ought to know the answer to 25-across, but it’s just not coming to me…

Marble cake? Something like that.

I guess ヒナイドリ makes 24 down ドア?

Edit: 28 down is チェリー, 29 across is エデン. Marble cake seems right, so マーブル. That would make 24 down ドマ. Looking at Jisho, that would indeed fit the question, though it’s more witty than I’d expected.


Pretty sure 15-down is キセツフウ.
Then 16-across is セツド
17-across is フウフ
12-across is コウラクチ
20-down is ウラナイ
22-down is コドモフク

Though so far I’m thoroughly uncertain on the remaining 2-across (ク?ス) 8-across (イビツ maybe?) and 33-down (リ?ン?ル)

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Maybe 31 down is キャンドル?

イブツ, no?


Edit: Ok, I snuck a peek. Yeah, 33-down is キャンドル. 31-across is キキ

クロス is also correct for 2-across.

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Yeah, that was a typo. Meant to type 33 down.

Thank you @Belthazar, I had never done a crossword in Japanese before. I realised almost immediately I would never keep up with the people posting here, and when the answers are not hidden, it’s hard to not read them. So I just printed out pictures of the first grid and questions and set myself the challenge of doing alone.
Well, after a solid evening’s hard work, I was super excited to solve the entire thing by myself, apart from one clue! When I checked back in here I discovered I had made one mistake - I had ジママ instead of キママ However either way I still don’t understand the answer to 21 down せいくらべて柱が受難、which is apparently キズ. Could someone please explain it for me? :smiley: Thanks in advance.


When you measure someone’s height せいくらべ you put a person against a pillar 柱 and make some sort of a cut きず on the wood above his or her head. That is my understanding of it.


なるほど! My parents marked our heights as we grew as well, but with a pen, and when I looked up きず I just didn’t see the connection.
Thank you!

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I’m quite impressed you were able to do it alone, though - I’m not sure I could have. I certainly understand your wanting to avoid the answers - I have a hard enough time not flipping to the back of the book to check. :slightly_smiling_face:

I confess this is one of the ones I never quite got. Still kinda feel that connection is a little bit tenuous.

Alrighty. Puzzle number four. This one’s got more words in the clues, so I thought I’d take closer-up images. Maybe I should stitch them together into one…

My first move: Pawn to queen’s bish… uh, I mean, 14-down is フジ. Maybe?

I think ヨシン is the answer for 20 across.

Can’t answer anymore than that since I’m going to bed now.

I downloaded a crossword app because of this topic.

My proudest one so far was
2 characters

I thought, “what would that be in English? Oh, field of vision, vision = 視 field = 野, しや!

I hadn’t specifically seen that word in Japanese before that.


I like that.

16-across is ランドセル
15-down is thus ウラ, perhaps?
And I guess 8-across is ヤコウ, but now I feel like I’m starting to build a whole chain of uncertainties.

Got a few more to add to this chain, so my confidence is increasing. Either that, or I’m compounding error upon error.
7-across is チン (though I had to google that one)
5-down is チャウチャウ
11-down is エンコ (though there’s some rather fun words which fit the pattern of *ンコ…)

Aye, I’m learning (or, at least, encountering) many new words though this crossword. Someday perhaps I’ll even be able to solve clues without going via English.

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Been a bit quiet today. Is everyone crossworded out, or is it just that I’m in the opposite time zone from most contributors? :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe 27 across is ブン?

I am at work, so no crosswords for me until weekend :cry: