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Okay. Since we’re not getting anywhere with 29 down I’d like to address something which has been bothering me since the word was put forward.

14 across and 32 down share a ー, this does not work with the individual vowels.
However, in the last crossword we had メニュー (22 down) and ソウル (19 across) share the ウ, which makes sense, even though only one of the uses ー, since they’re the same vowel.

Is this legal?

I don’t see why not. Besides, it seems very likely that those two have the correct solution. I’m more in doubt about シュウジン, which could very well be シュウダン, which makes 29 down ダイガクセイ. This also fits with 23 across, which becomes ケイ.


I guess that’s it


I think that’s it for today.


Oh. I thought it was asking FOR hard times. Like “Just asking for a hard time.”

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Nicely done, all. Think you finished that within two hours after I went to bed. I’ve been sitting here trying to make sure I understand why the answers are what they are. :slightly_smiling_face: I’d have been able to tell you the capital of Hyogo Prefecture if I’d noticed that clue before I went to bed - I was there last week, eating obscenely expensive beef. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like I’m learning a lot of vocab here, but I also kinda feel like (a) it’s probably about as useful in day-to-day usage as the vocab found in an English crossword would be, and (b) I’m gonna forget it all anyway.

Survey says: All correct! Except somewhere along the line, バー in 21-down turned into バウ. There’s no issue with words sharing a long-vowel mark to represent different vowels - remember 19-across in the previous puzzle was not ソウル but シール.

Puzzle number 3:


How do these sound?
1 across: チェック
9 down: ツイスト
14 down: クツ

Sound good to me. Thinking maybe 1-down is チョッコウ, though I can’t think of any cross words that match 2- and 3-across…

I’m pretty sure 23 across is モヨウ and 30 down is ホウキ, but I can’t get any more to cross with them.

(also I got distracted reading about this)

19-down is ココノツ
21-down is ヒダ (changed from オリ)
26-down is タテマエ
32-down is キュウコン

4-across is スズ (probably)
10-across is イッコダテ
11-across is トキノコエ
21-across is ヒタムキ
27-across is マホウ
30-across is ホン
31-across is キリ (maybe?)

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No wait, a correction: 1-across is チョクツウ. 直通列車

That would make sense, allowing 2-across to be クロス.

but 1-across is four spaces

He means 1-down. 1-across is already チェック.


I was just looking up stuff and wondering if 2 across could be くだす, meaning “to make a decision”.

Yeah, I did mean 1-down.

Not entirely sure I get クロス. テーブルクロス, sure, but where does レビュー come into it?

Also, not quite clear on why specifically ココノツ for 19-down, aside from the fact that it fits in the space.

Concur with スズ for 4-across.

Is 6-across maybe ヴィップ (VIP)? Though that would mean 4-down would have to end in ヴ and 12-down in ッ which seems unlikely.

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(Whoops, this one got mentioned earlier. Ignore this post.)

5-across could be ヒビキ or コダマ. Maybe even エコー

For 2-across, it’s the only thing that comes to mind. I have no particular attachment or assertion on its accuracy. xD

For 19-down, the number is supposed to resemble a palm fruit, no? And ここのつ sounds similar to ココナツ.

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