[SOLVED] Solution link in a thread


What on earth is this solution checkbox and what does it do? Has it been there all along? Or am I seeing it onlynow because I’m using iPad instead of a computer or Android?


This is a new forum feature



Thank you so much! I’m on holiday and haven’t been on the forums as much as when I’m at work. Go figure there are a million changes done. :rofl:


Now you can mark my post as a solution lol


Wohoo! Is this so that there will shorter threads in the future? Is Discurse trying to limit our way of thinking into one-solution-fits-all-kinda way?

Edit: Only one post CAN be checked as a solution!


I wish it would tag the topic as solved as well


Oh, that’s good to know.

Also, only the OP can pick and choose a solution.


Not like this?



I meant the title way up there ^


Ah… I see!


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