Sold my soul to the Crabigator (didn't join a cult, did I?)

Perhaps I am a little late to the party, considering the sale started earlier, but I am here nevertheless >:33
I first registered on WK in 2016, but dropped it on day 1 because young me found it a little too confusing. But I returned in 2020, and after realizing WK is super useful (and has a damn wonderful community), I decided to stick around. Today, in 2021, after over year and a half, I decided to finally sell my soul for good and thought I might as well make my first post :3

All hail crabigator >:3 (Someone please come pick me up, I am scared. I think I saw the crabigator outside my window)



Wooot! :partying_face: welcome to your first post, and your lifetime of Crabigator goodness!


One of us! One of us!