So they changed my name to eggnoghongo and I have never been so upset in my entire life

I mean I guess it’s okay I just don’t see what was wrong with my origional name. Well anyway, Hows everyone doing with kanji? Is there any possible way that I can link up with and exchange info with someone who can help me with grammar?

You can change it in your WK account settings. I think it’s reasonable that they changed it though.


I feel only regret that I didn’t make my own username eggnoghongo.


What was your original name?

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I wondered the same thing but didn’t want to bait him into saying it again and getting him in trouble for it. Someone quoted him before it was changed you can see it here


Something mildly inappropriate. I‘m sure the OP didn’t mean it in a bad way, but this is a place where language is being watched and I am glad it is…


Thanks :slight_smile: I can see why it was changed now.
(If anyone is curious, it was probably changed because it contained the n word)


Who’s imperialist now? Hmmmm??


What kind of grammar help are you looking for? If you just have small questions there’s this thread:

For bigger questions you can post a new topic. I’m not sure anyone here is really qualified to like, tutor you or anything though. You’d need to look at italki or something like that.

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Not sure what you had in mind, but there’s a whole category dedicated to grammar. If you have a question, create a topic there and people will come and help.

Edit: @Radish8 先輩’s answer is much better.


Nah, I failed to link the category :wink: forgot there was a separate category just for grammar.

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I think it was very creative of them! =D
They could have just given you NoName45 type of name.
Unless you have a specific one in mind I’d keep it! It’s a fun name! =D
Though, if you want you can just go to your settings and make it something else, as long as appropriate :wink:


I love you guys!

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