So proud of myself learned my first 60 Kanji's

Hi, i am so proud of myself, after a longer while (1-2 weeks with wanikani) i mastered my first 60 Kanji’s and i want to ask you something… How did you feel after learning your first 60’s or more kanji’s? were you like me proudly looking at your Genkouyoushi notebook and trying to mix them up, and telling yourself that one day this notebook will be full of kanji’s!


Lots of people (including me) had learned several basic kanji before starting WK. So during those first few weeks when we learned numbers etc. many people felt a bit bored (hence the many “Why is WK so slow” threads). But as I went along the kanji and vocabs become more challenging, in a good way.

I like the fact that you write your kanji in a notebook. It will feel more and more satisfying as your collection grows.


I think I felt more excited about learning the kanji for vocabulary I was already familiar with than for just learning kanji in general. I still get a little excited when I realize I’ve learned all the kanji to fully understand the titles of random anime (and/or manga). Basically I find it exciting to go from a title that I know to a title that I understand.


Congratulations! That’s a big hunk of kanji. :smiley:

I never realized how much kanji I knew until I went back and looked over the lists for N5-N2 and knew almost all of them. Wat. Wen. How.

I’m pretty sure this topic has been around so long that the person in question has reset their level once…

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Welp. Oops.

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