So. Many. EARTHS!

Haha, so I’m in a bit in a pickle, because in my native language, Finnish, everything that refers to land, earth etc. is just ‘‘maa’’. …so it’s super difficult for me to remember all these kanjis or vocabulary just because I don’t even remember them in English. To me that’s sort of hilarious. :joy: I’m curious are there similar cases with other words in your native languages!
Oh and here’s a small demonstration of the ‘‘maa’’ -word that I mentioned:

soil = maa
earth = maa
The Earth/The Globe = maa
land = maa
area = maa
country = maa
dirt = maa



Well, in my native language the word for The Earth and earth and soil and ground and land is the same, although there is a synonym for soil.
Country - there is a different word, but the word for land could be used to describe it too.
dirt - separate word
area - separate word

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Yeah, I believe a lot of nations have different names, in my native language everyone has multiple names, I just picked the most common.

Soil = Turba
Earth = Ard
The Earth/The Globe = Ard or Alam
Land = Ard or Yabsa
Area = Man68a= Mantaga
Country = Bilad, Balad, Dawla
Dirt = Turab, Gathara, Wahel

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weeeell, this isnt really true about the finnish translations…

soil is maaperä or multa.
the globe is maapallo.
dirt is lika.
area is seutu or alue.

we have plenty of words for these kinds of things in finnish too.

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The most common way to describe those words is still “maa” though. Dirt in this context doesn’t refer to lika but more to irtomaa. Also, The post was written in a slightly humorous way. Just saying.

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Maa god, that’s too maany maa’s, maa brain can’t cope.

Even knowing the different words in English doesn’t help much, as soil, earth and dirt are very different things, where as in japanese they are the same.


まあまあ :sweat_smile:

Sorry, I know it’s offtopic, but the temptation was too big :sweat_smile:

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Hahah, exactly! :smile:

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