So I just hit level 8!


The little email when I hit level8 could not have been times any better! I struggled a lot with level7 - the mnuemonics just didn’t work for me, and I’ve always been bad at making my own, so it was slow going.

The farther I go, the more I recognize words, the more I fall in love with the process. I love languages, and am slowly picking up on Hangul as well (just the alphabet at least), so finally crossing into a new level and getting a supportive - even tho automated - email is great

AND IDK, ON TO LEVEL 60!! Wish me luck and best of luck to everyone else on this crazy journey!


Congrats and good luck ^^


Well done, Ashiko! Keep it up.


Good luck! Don’t give up. You will get there.


I just hit the same level and i felt the same way too! Good luck to us and everyone else. High five!


Congrats! Minutes ago, I just made it myself. Level 7 was such a struggle - I kept messing up the kanji reviews and spent what seemed like forever with just one left to go.


I also recently got to level 8… but no email for me :stuck_out_tongue:


For all level uppers, don’t forget to log out and log in back into the forums so that your avatar will reflect your current level.



Congratulations!! Keep up the good work :D!


Congrats! I’m level 8 too!


Congratulations! I hope to be there soon :slight_smile: