So I don't really care about anime/manga

My trigger to relearn Japanese (I did three years in high school as part of a special program) was actually going to Japan. It was a work trip, the first time. I honestly expected to hate Japan, but loved pretty much everything about it.

Also, learning to translate/use Japanese recipe books and magazines is my real passion at the moment - that’s been the thing that tipped me from being kinda casual about it to being serious about getting fluent.


I just learned that Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure’s closing theme is “Roundabout” by Yes. As a prog fan, I think I’m going to start watching!


I think thats for season 2’s ed. But you wont be sorry for watching JoJo’s!

I’m more into western animation myself.


I’ve always loved comics since I was a kid but I only own two complete manga comics purely because they are cool and not because they are Japanese (Battle Royale and Vagabond for anyone that’s interested!)

Since starting to learn Japanese I have taken a (very slight) interest in watching anime and reading not-so-cool Japanese comics purely to help with learning. I don’t really do it a lot and I wouldn’t say it was fun as much as learning Japanese is fun in general.

In a nutshell, there are indeed other reasons people want to learn Japanese :wink:

In my case I made a life goal years ago to learn another language and Japanese just felt like the most rewarding (yet I wonder more each day what my life would look like now if I chose French or Spanish… Italian… Greek… hell, anything with even a smidgen of an alphabet)


How about… braille?

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I stand by what I said :wink:

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I’m not super into anime. I like manga ok but I rarely read it (maybe only the berserk series) The only reason I watch anime now is because it is a show I have seen before so I understand the gist of the story even though I can’t understand the Japanese. Unfortunately I don’t really like most of the “real people” shows on Netflix that are Japanese. A lot of the ones I have seen are kind of goofy and don’t take themselves too seriously. Not sure if this is a cultural thing or just what Netflix has available. I’m not big into TV as it is but I prefer dramas.

If you want something deeper and more serious try watching “37 seconds” on Netflix.


I vote for ‘Braille Kanji reading’ feature request in the next WaniKani update.


Hey Sulax, why are you WK level 5 again? I thought you were Kanken level 7?

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Its for repition. And if I get an wrong answer I will write that kanji / vocab like 10 times by hand to make it stick. I failed one test because of one point.

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