So I called a beautiful lady 美人 and she slapped me

Then I remembered, “Oh, right! Only beautiful WOMEN are 美人.”

I’ll be more careful next time. Thank you, WK.


So, not only would she hit a guy with glasses, she’d hit a baby with glasses?

(I’d say it’s because in the modern vernacular, “lady” is perhaps kinda casual. “Hey, lady!” kinda thing.)


That’s my daughter.

Almost anything combined with HEY sounds casual, bud.
Hey man!
Hey stranger!
Those words by themselves would not have the same vibe without “hey” that you conveniently attached. Same with “Hey lady”.

I’d just add the synonym. I don’t think “lady” is inherently casual, like you said. Depends on context.

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Wait 'til you find out 〜枚 is not “number of flat objects”, and ALSO not “counter for flat objects” what are you crazy? No, of course it’s “Flat Object Counter”.

Just go ahead and add the synonym, they can’t possibly hard-code in all the (equivalently correct) ways people from all over the world might say the same thing, (But do make sure when you do that in other cases, it really is the same thing, noun-noun, adverb-adverb, etc.)


Oh yes I’m aware of this. One solution would be to collect data from the entire user base of all the wrong answers,sort them by popularity, and have a moderator come along to flag the top 5 as correct or incorrect. Before you know it, “number of flat objects” will be accepted as correct because so many users have typed it in. It wouldn’t take much work.


Wonder if Tofugu is hiring?

You’re right and that would be awesome. It wouldn’t take a lot of work but it would take some work, times thousands of items. I say this as someone who’s complained loudly about this before - it’s just simpler from a cost/benefit standpoint to let weirdos who use the word ‘lady’ do their own thing without accounting for it in the database.*

I still think they could stand to have a style guide, so that if I know the format of a counter meaning is “X counter” then I’ll just know that from now on for EVERY counter instead of trying to remember which thing is “X counter” and which thing is “counter for X”. Same with the transitive verbs sometimes wanting “to X something” and sometimes that’s not allowed. But again the simplest answer is just add a synonym for the way you habitually say it and forget about it.

* just teasing, not serious


I suspect they’ve done this in the past, or at least done a pass over common user synonyms. I’ve had quite a few of my own user synonyms show up on the official list without ever sending feedback. I was an early adopter though, so no idea if they ever do anything like that anymore.


Those two are my biggest pet peeves. I mean, aside from all the recent weirdness.

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Does just “flat objects” work? Like how the early level “big machine counter” (~台) works with just “machines”.

Their API doesn’t collect answers ( Create a Review – WaniKani API Reference) and I suppose their website use their public API (I don’t do mine on the site so I won’t check).

I see means to implement this without breaking stuff, but still it is not as easy as one would think. Especially when we take into account these past few months…