I just did my reviews and close to the end I accidentally pressed enter after only writing a few letters and got the kanji wrong, but I thought “No problem I don’t need to get all right only most”. And after finishing I saw that I needed exactly one more to level up and considering that this level has been so long for me then this just adds insult to injury :frowning:


Haha oh dear, it happens sometimes. You can add the Double Check plugin to retype answers. But don’t abuse!

I m using that script aswell, and since my english is entirely picked up from the internet, this comes in handy alot when it comes down to know the meaning but not the exactly word. Hehe, guess i m a badboy now.

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I loooove this addon for when I type things like 水道 where the word I like to use is waterway but wanikani picks another word that means the same thing. I forget what it is now because it’s been so long since I saw it last, but it’s super helpful for things like that.

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Yeah! It happens to me, too! Many times I need to learn an english vocab to get right the japanese one xD

It’s strange that there are a lot of synonyms but not that one! You can add it manually. I always answer aqueduct to 水道

Had something similar happen to me two days ago lol. Was expecting to reach level 10 on Monday but realised I messed up some kanji so would have to wait another day to pass the 3 I needed to level up so I know how you feel. I managed to hit level 10 yesterday though! Was very pleased to get that congratulatory email :blush: