So-called “Reset” function: feedback

So wtf. I reset my progress and was extremely disappointed. Admittedly I have been a bad disciple of the crabigator lately. I started ignoring my review queue and after it hit about 500, the bigger the number got, the more I wanted to ignore it. “I’ve got a lot going on right now”, I said. “I’ll get back into it when I move to Denmark”, I said.

Anyway so I looked today and it’s on 1300 reviews and 93 lessons. I decided life would be better if I nuke that hurricane, and reset my level 43 account back to level 42. Familiar lessons, no reviews, right? Well kids, let me tell you that this is NOT how reset works. I still have 1246 reviews to do?! How did I benefit from this at all? What meaning is there to any of my actions? What can I possibly do to help my situation besides knuckle down and munch my way through all those bitter-tasting reviewberries?

Anyway, so the feedback is:
In the reset email, or on the reset page, please tell us what our lesson and review count will be AFTER we have performed the reset that we are requesting. If I’d known I’d only be saving myself 50 reviews, and that the grind would be the same post-reset, I would have left my shiny level count where it was.

Not that 42 is a bad number, of course…

You only removed the reviews from level 43, makes sense to me. :thinking:

If you wanted a clean review slate, you’d have to reset to 1.

I don’t get how you would remove all the reviews, maybe send them way into the future?
You still have to do them at some point, since you haven’t burned them.


To be fair, it’s pretty clearly stated in the email you get what the reset does. Just FYI. To quote a reset email:

Resetting your account will delete all the lessons, reviews, and statistics from [insert level you reset back to] and above. (You’re currently level [current level number], in case you’re wondering.) Your notes and synonyms will not be affected.


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