Smartwatch support?

I started on Wanikani a long time ago but ended up dropping out and I’m looking to start over. I used to run a Pebble with a watch face that showed my remaining review count which went a long way towards keeping me motivated and making sure I remembered to do my reps.

The Pebble ecosystem is dying out and I’m looking to replace it soon. Are there any similar watchfaces for any of the other big brands (Android Wear, Samsung Gear etc)? I’ve seen a couple around but they kinda seem abandoned.

There is an ios app that supports apple watch. Not sure if that‘s what you‘re looking for.

Yeah, unfortunately I’m Android-only. I’d consider an Apple Watch if they supported Android though.

I’ve got a Android developers account sitting around collecting dust. Hook me up with a nice smart watch and I’ll see what i can do :wink:

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